A Sarcom Bio recorder (SBR (also ADR, for accident data recorder) is a kind of medical scanner recorder,but used for Away Team/Landing Party use or undercover operations and military operations in the field. It is a device used to record specific medical performance parameters,the same as the Sickbay Medical Bed and Scanner. It measured the heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital signs of anyone recording a message with it.Medical biorecorders used throughout the years have been essentially similar in design to that of the standard biorecorder boxes, with the same available features and interface. The major difference is the addition of a deployable hand scanner or sensor wand. While some standard biorecorders also have removable scanners or medical sensor wand,attatched to Data Padd or Grimeire, the Sarcom Medic medical biorecorder's is much more advanced dataand can provide detailed scans of an entire individual, or give focus to a single area,plus a larger hand held multidirectional sensor wand. It gives continually updated information on patient vital signs, such as pulse, respiration, temperature, and brain activity,as medical bioscanners and medical recovery or trama medical bed,due in hospitals,but in the feild.

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