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  • Mavericstud9


    October 13, 2009 by Mavericstud9

    The ' are a fictional race of extraterrestrials that appear in comic books published by Maveric Comics,

    . The Lord of Light-does not refer to anyone specific,but is a general term,once used to refer to the Seraphians,but became a wider term to refer to anyone of the Elder Races or species,that became allies of the Great Commonwealth of Galaxies,with the Old Maveric Universe.Atlantians,Seraphians,the Sidairian,the Asguardians,the Olympians,the Celestrials,the Galaxians,the Asitlandrian,the Attilandrians,the Astrans,and so forthe.The Lords of Light often dwell with the Light Zones-free and open space,where interstellar trade and communication was possible. Sidairians Sidairians -The creators of the Sidairian monoliths and the Preservers and Ar…

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  • Mavericstud9

    The Titan Mechine

    August 6, 2009 by Mavericstud9

    The Titan Mechine

    The Sleeper Accumilator series of the ultimate Doomsday Weapon or Doomsday Mechine, was the most powerful of four robots designed by the Tauron Empireas agents of destruction.Built in three distinct parts,to prevent anyone from using the weapon before it is ready and could be used against it’s creators.The first section was the Accumulator Mark 1 series-a huge delta wing,with a huge robot hear at the top.The Second was In The Titan Sleeper Saga Accumulator Mark 2,a huge semi box like robot with huge,lobster claw like arms,with a series of guns extending from it.Small,stubby legs and the third Accumulator Mark 3,was a huge tread like section,with a series of connons.The three sections,would meet at a central redizous poi…

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