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1. Brick Shithouse
buy brick shithouse mugs, tshirts and magnetsUK usage- A very big person, normally male who is as broad as he is tall yet carries very little fat. Not the sort of person you would willingly upset. Term comes from the large brick built outside toilets once common in working class areas of the UK.I ain't gonna mess with him, he's a bleedin' brick black flag Jun 7, 2004 share this
2. brick shithouse
buy brick shithouse mugs, tshirts and magnetsHeavy set; stocky; well built. As in “He was built like a brick shithouse”.by cracky Mar 1, 2003 share this
3. brick shithouse
buy brick shithouse mugs, tshirts and magnetsoriginally from an outdoor toilet, now used to describe a big-framed male or female (usually derogatory for the latter)'whoah, shes a big girlyeah, built like a brick shithouse'

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