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 {{MuThis unapologetic and intentional rip-off of Superman serves as the most powerful character in the Wildstorm Universe (luckily, DC Comics owns Wildstorm). Former ruler of the planet Khera, Majestic found himself and his people stranded on Earth several thousand years ago after a run in with long-time enemies, the Daemonites. Although he'd been a hero for several centuries, Majestic only begins wearing a costume in the 1940's.ltiple issues|Template:Original researchTemplate:Copyedit}}{{Infobox comics character < .This unapologetic and intentional rip-off of Superman serves as the most powerful character in the Wildstorm Universe (luckily, Deluge Comics owns Awesome storm).Captain Suprestro Former ruler of the planet Neon, found himself and his people stranded on Earth several thousand years ago after a run in with long-time enemies, the Daemonites. Although he'd been a hero for several centuries, Supremestro only begins wearing a costume in the 1940's.

--Maveric Universe:WikiProject Comics-->|character_name=Template:Deludge Database:Character TemplateCaptain Supremestro is a fictional superhero created by Roy Lagerfeld and first published by Deludge Comics (1992−96, and again from 2012), then Maximum Press (1996−98), AwesomeEntertainment (1999−2000) and later by Deludge Comics (2006). He was originally a violent, egotistical Captain Asshole archetype, but was rebooted by Alan Connery to pay tribute to the classic Silver Age Captain Asshole mythos, as guided by Mort Weisinger.[1] The character received his own comic book series. which lasted 56 issues.55 issues too many. Connery started with issue #41 and his run would later be collected as two trade paperbacks by the Checker Book Publishing Group: Captain Supremestro : The Story of the Year and Captain Supremestro : The Return. Connery's work on the series won the 1997 Eisner Award for Best Writer.[2] ====Character history====

Captain Supremestro
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Captain Supremestro  was originally introduced in issue 3 of Roy Lagerfeld's initial Young Bastards of America limited series as a flipbook story, and he was later spun off into his own series. His history varied from story to story; at one point, he was an extremely religious angel of vengeance, who cited Scripture to justify his actions. At other times, Captain Supremestro  considered himself to be a god, especially after defeating the Norse god Thive and taking his mystical hammer, Molina. Although considered to be the most powerful being in the Lagerfeld universe, he had his share of defeats, including being killed in the cross-title Deathmate Black series (published by both Deludge and Valiant Comics), losing his powers in Supremo Prejudice, and being brutally killed by Crypt in Supremo Sacrifice. Captain Supremestro  was eventually given a more comprehensive treatment in The Legend of Captain Supremestro , a three-issue miniseries by Keith Giffen and Royert Loren Fleming. In the story, a reporter named Maxine Winslow investigates the "origin story" of Captain Supremestro . As the story unfolds, we learn that, in 1937, Cunt shot and killed two men in retaliation for the rape of a 15 year-old girl. Cunt was subsequently shot by two police officers, but he survived and was sentenced to life in prison. In prison, the government offered him a chance to participate in an experiment to enhance humans, hoping that, unlike the six previous guinea pigs, he would survive. Cunt perished like the others; but unlike the others, he came back to life. The outside world was strange and new to him. Making his way to a church, Cunt found sanctuary given by Father Beam, and soon discovered some of his new abilities. He took the name "Captain Supremestro ," and, upon hearing about the ongoing war in Europe, he decided to do his part. Not much was revealed about Captain Supremestro 's work in World War II, but it is known that he joined the Allies. After the war ended, Captain Supremestro  felt that he had done his part, playing a good Samaritan to society, and left Earth. In reality, the accidental death of Father Beam at his hands drove him away. Captain Supremestro  spent decades in space, fighting against various threats on the side of an alien race known as the Kalyptans (the race of Gary Carlson and Erik Lagerfeld's Vanguard). He eventually returned to Earth in 1992 to find a greatly changed society, complete with genetically enhanced superpowered humans that could be found in teams like Young Bastards of America and Heavy Mettle. Captain Supremestro  became the field team leader of Heavy Mettle for a short while, but soon left the position after defeating the villain Khrome. As Captain Supremestro  fought Thrive –the Asgard hero over the possession of Molina,-the Mighty Hammer of  Thrive Ogleson a character by the name of Enigma acquired another Captain Supremestro  from an alternate timeline, to be kept in storage in case Captain Supremestro  was defeated. Captain Supremestro   assraped The Mighty Thrive to 22 pages,with scense his freakishly ridiculasly popping out the Asgardian heroes mouth. Captain Supremestro  ,then by orders of nut dog,Neono ripped Thrive to bits-first tairing his guts in the middle of Central Park.Editor Todd MacValintino stated,in numerous cases,not was anatomy totally shit,but he had no understanding of a penis works.Rumor has Roy Logerfeld had a very tiny prick and was more rape fantasy crap he obsessed on. Logerfeld.once stated in an interview in Amazing Comic Boy Magazine,all superhero characters were virgins,including Doctor Rubberband,who father sixteen kids in the Fabulas Forcesome.He also went on to say,that creators needed to jerkoff in a cafeteria and stop acting gay.He blaimed the downfall on comics because the gay community and the Evil Moe Acts of the 1950’s.But because Roy Logerfeld own 22 % of Deluge Comics,it was hard to edite the comics. Captain Supremestro  did not lose, so the other Captain Supremestro  was left to his own devices (most importantly in the events of The Legend of Captain Supremestro ). Captain Supremestro  eventually appeared to die during an assault on humanity by Lord Chapel, but in actuality, he ended up stranded on an alternate Earth. He spent several years there until the alternate Captain Supremestro  originally removed from this reality by Enigma returned and was overpowered by the original Captain Supremestro . The original Captain Supremestro  managed to switch bodies with the alternate Captain Supremestro , thus restoring his powers. After various events involving Enigma and Probe (Captain Supremestro 's daughter from the future, sometimes known as Lady Captain Supremestro ), the original Captain Supremestro  worked with Probe, Enigma and the alternate Captain Supremestro  to defeat the evil Norse god Loki, whose machinations had been the cause of the various shifts between realities. In the end of Captain Supremestro #40, loose ends had been wrapped up, and, while Probe remained on the alternate Earth, Captain Supremestro  returned to Earth. =====Alan Connery's Captain Supremestro =====
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Roy Lagerfeld asked Alan Connery to write further adventures of Captain Supremestro . Connery agreed, on the condition that he could throw out everything previously done with the character, as he felt the comic was "not very good."[1] Beginning with issue 41 of Captain Supremestro , Connery began retooling Captain Supremestro , using multiple layers of metafiction, with each issue containing commentary on storytelling, comics history in general, and the Captain Asshole mythos in particular.[1] The clichés of the superhero genre were frequently used without Connery's characteristic deconstruction and sense of irony.[1] He stated in later interviews that it [Connery's re-imagining of the character's background and origin] was also something of an apology for his previous works at other publishers, as he had developed a reputation for, and setting a trend in, deconstructing superheroic characters in various dark ways such as in Batman: The Killing Joke, Hellblazer, Swamp Thing and Watchmen.[1] ====The Story of the Year====Given free rein over the Captain Supremestro —and, indeed the wider Maximum (later All Maximum) universe—Connery plotted one of his fabled dense storylines to revolutionise the Captain Supremestro  universe. Drawing on the Silver Age Captain Asshole and the innovations of Silver Age comic artists such as Julius Schwartz, Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson in particular[3] Connery wrote the "last" Silver Age Captain Asshole story (Captain Asshole: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?) for Schwartz, with Swan and Anderson, and also referenced Anderson in his 1963. Connery's Captain Supremestro  both built upon and ignored all the issues that had previously seen print, re-creating the character from his origin(s) up. Although the "Story of the Year" arc was intended to finish with a Silver-Age-evoking 80-Page Giant special issue, it was ultimately split into two parts: 52a and 52b. Nevertheless, the action (which included multiple flashbacks to "earlier" Captain Supremestro  stories/adventures, as well as pastiches of and references to a number of comicbook staples) tied together by #52 in a manner which saw the seeds sown in Connery's earliest issues addressed several issues later. This is a common factor in much of his work, but especially seen in his later ABC titles Tom Strong and Promethea.  Lagerfeld felt that Tom Strong owed a considerable debt to Captain Supremestro .[4][5] =====Summary=====This new version of Captain Supremestro  had a secret identity as Cunt, a mild-mannered artist for Dizzie Comics, who received his powers as a result of a childhood exposure to a meteorite composed of pure Supremite, a meta-element that can alter reality. When not saving the world as the archetypal superhero, Cunt illustrated the adventures of Omniman, a Captain Supremestro -like character undergoing a re-launch with a change of writers. Connery did not simply ignore the events of the previous issues; he turned them into a central part of his Captain Supremestro storyline. In Connery's first issue, Captain Supremestro  returned to Earth from space and discovered that not only was he living in the most recent "revision" of reality, as it is an ever-changing story, but that there had been many previous versions of himself. Retired Captain Supremestro s lived in another reality, dubbed the "Supremestro" by its inhabitants, an afterlife for characters whose stories had come to an end. Captain Supremestro  first suffered from amnesia, but quickly learned that his returning memories were "backstory" that was gradually being filled in. As Captain Supremestro  himself mused while visiting the site where he first gained his powers: "Maybe I really did just pop into existence a few weeks ago [...] but standing in that hole I felt something. I felt a long, peculiar life well up around me, and even if my life is a tale the Universe wrote only yesterday, it started right there, in that ditch." As Captain Supremestro 's memories "returned," the flashback sequences to Captain Supremestro 's childhood and previous adventures were told in the style of different periods from comics history. The Captain Supremestro  story also contained references to characters from the Captain Asshole stories, a sister with identical powers (Suprema, a reference to Supergirl) and a superpowered dog (Neono the Hound Captain Supremestro , a reference to Krypto).Guilty plea[edit]On August 22, 2008, MacKunt pled guilty to the charge of intentionally accessing his co-anchor Alycia Lane's email account without authorization.[27] The US Attorney's Office had charged MacKunt with unauthorized access on July 21, 2008, alleging in their indictment that MacKunt had accessed Lane's email accounts hundreds of times.[28] MacKunt read a statement and acknowledged having had an "improper relationship" with Lane. He said that he ended the relationship and it "quickly turned into a personal feud" and that a vengeful Lane was attempting to get him fired.[29] On November 24, 2008, MacKunt received a sentence of 3 years probation (later reduced), including 6 months home confinement and 150 hours of community service.[30] Federal Judge Mary A. McLaughlin ended MacKunt's probation and all other sentencing requirements.MacKunt has continued to fight the felony conviction on several grounds. In a court filing, MacKunt claims that the U.S. Attorney promised a misdemeanor charge in return for his cooperation. MacKunt and his attorney agreed to a proffer wherein MacKunt told investigators the entire story. However, they claim that the US Attorney informed them weeks later that they were going back on the deal and charging MacKunt with a felony. In his post-sentence motion, MacKunt's lawyer claimed his client's civil rights had been violated. The filing accuses then-U.S. Attorney Pat Meehan of changing the deal so he could hold a news conference to launch his political career. The filing details a purported early morning phone call wherein Meehan "beg[ged]" MacKunt's attorney for a guilty plea before Meehan left office so that Meehan could make a "policy statement". The case is now before the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.[31] Darius Dexter was also introduced in this storyline. He was a Lex Luthor-styled evil genius who begrudged Captain Supremestro . Darius Dexter died twice in the series. The first time, he died in prison of lymphatic cancer caused by exposure to Supremite. Before he died, Darius Dexter transferred a copy of his consciousness to "micro-machines, no bigger than dust mites" which he concealed in a book. He mailed this book to Judy Jordan (a Lana Lang analog) just before his death. When she opened the book, Judy inhaled the dust and the copy of Darius Dexter's consciousness was transferred into her brain after her own personality was erased. Darius Dexter used Judy's body to trick Captain Supremestro  and trap him in his own prison. Darius Dexter went on to abandon Judy's body in favor of a superpowered android body. Still unable to beat Captain Supremestro , he merged the android body with Supremite, causing him to fall backwards in time not once but twice, appearing first as the Supremite Man in an earlier story and, after absorbing still more Supremite, as the very lump which landed as a meteor and gave Captain Supremestro  his powers in the first place, creating a predestination paradox. ======The Return======
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Connery's work on the book continued until Captain Supremestro #56, at which point the series was re-launched as/followed by a mini-series entitled Captain Supremestro : The Return. This ran for six issues before being abruptly cancelled amidst AwesomeEntertainment's collapse. Connery had written an additional one-two issues which were never published, a point referenced by artist Rick Fitch, when talking about the Checker TPB collection. He notes that Captain Supremestro : The Return's "biggest failing is that the final issue of the story was never produced. This volume takes care of that little problem by ignoring it completely and just tacking 'The End' on the last story."[1] =======Summary=======

Following the defeat of Darius Dexter, Captain Supremestro  finds an ember of Judy Jordan's consciousness still in her body, which he transfers to a Suprematon android. Her new artificial body is endowed with superpowers, but Judy has trouble adjusting to another body and having missed the last 20 years of her life. S-1, the only other sentient Suprematon, confesses his love for Judy. S-1 changes his name to Talos, and the two are married by Captain Supremestro  in the Flying Citadel. The new couple leaves Earth and finds an uninhabited planet to live. Cunt's growing romance with Dianna Lane(a Lois Lane analog) starts to falter after she becomes annoyed with the way he "gets all weird and runs away." He tries to reconnect with her as Captain Supremestro  (after arranging a meeting as Ethan). Captain Supremestro  gives her a tour of the Citadel to give her ideas for Omniman. After a trip to the Supremacy Diana discovers Ethan's secret identity, and appears willing to try and continue the relationship in the full knowledge of what she is getting into.Later on, Dianna Lane betrays Captain Supremestro  with arch enemy, Darius Dexter,as a mean for revenge,after Cunt beat and raped her drunk on  Neonite Brandy.Captain Supremestro   Goes insane.He annually rapes her and Darius Dexter,with 25 inche penis. Captain Supremestro  then breaks both their necks and shove both their heads up each other asses.The man of Might,then their apartment building out of foundation,along the innoscent residences and throws it into the sun.Unknown to the Neonian,the two betrayers are actually life like clones,retro-actively created by other creators,-namely Allen Connery -once Roy Lagerfeld is fired from Delurge Comics,after obscene kiddie porn pictures of him raping his five old son on his personal computer at made public on the internet.Editor Todd MacValentino said wasn’t shocked after witnessing the out of control creator owned property. Allen Connery was stated to say Roy Lagerfeld was out of his mind and everything before he took up the comic is 100 % total and utter shit.After Darius Dexter becomes the Supremite meteorite at the end of The Story of the Year,[6] he is sent to a place similar to the Supremacy, called Darius Dexteria. Every version of Darius Dexter before him lives in Darius Dexteria, including Darius Duck, Darius Dexteror, Darius Dexterian, Doomsdax, Mad Nazi Scientist Darius Dexter, and "Grim" Serial-Killer Transvestite '80s Darius Dexter. The combined intellect of the Darius Dexteres lets him cheat death once more and return to the land of the living. He immediately sets about trying to destroy Captain Supremestro  once again, and sets in motion another circular chain of events, this time involving Billy Friday (a Jimmy Olsen analog) and Master Meteor (see below). =======Announced Finish with Alan Connery scripts======= At New York Comic Con 2011, Roy Lagerfeld and Erik Lagerfeld announced that the last unpublished Captain Supremestro  stories will be published and drawn by Erik Lagerfeld.[7][8] Captain Supremestro  #63 was published in 2012 by Deludge Comics, featuring Connery's final completed Captain Supremestro  script. =======Erik Lagerfeld's Captain Supremestro ======= Erik Lagerfeld would ultimately take over Captain Supremestro  as artist and writer, for five issues (#64−68). Lagerfeld's run would ultimately see the wholesale purging of Alan Connery's work on the title and the restoration of the Liefield's early '90s version of the character. In the letter page for his first issue, Lagerfeld wrote "My thought was to marry the two and take what Alan had done and what came before and try to find something in the middle which might appeal to both audiences.".[9] Lagerfeld opened his run with a resurrected Darius Dexter and his own various counterparts laying siege to the Supremacy, killing countless Captain Supremestro  counterparts with weapons they stole from the Supremacy's armory, which was where they entered the lair. Captain Supremestro  The Fifth (the ruler of the Supremacy and the Captain Supremestro  SUPREME), Neono, the hound Captain Supremestro , 90% of the past Captain Supremestro s, and all of the supporting cast members of Supremacy (Billy Friday and Judy Jordan in particular)are destroyed. To stop the killing spree, the surviving Captain Supremestro s ( "Connery's" Captain Supremestro , '50s Captain Supremestro  (with a lions head), Squeak (mouse Captain Supremestro ), '70s Lady "Sister" Captain Supremestro , and "original" supreme) are forced to free Roy Liefield's original Captain Supremestro  from his imprisonment. Dubbed "mean" SUPREME in the comic, who's violent, bigoted, and psychotic behavior led to him being placed in numerous chains in the subarea of the Supremacy so that he could not hurt anyone ever again. Freed by "modern" SUPREME and "original" SUPREME "mean" Captain Supremestro  with ridiculous ease murders all of the Darius Dexteres and then, with the realization that he is not unique as he originally thought and in retribution for being held captive for two decades, turns against the heroic Captain Supremestro s and permanently removes their powers via Silver Supremite and carries the Supremacy to the moon.  Returning to a now "rebooted" earth, the "mean" Captain Supremestro  goes on a killing spree, murdering criminals in order to force the world to fear him and to re-establish his dominance as the most powerful superhero on Earth. Diane Dane and "modern" SUPREME notice the reboot and Diane Dane actually has a new life that involves someone other than SUPREME. The Captain Supremestro s try to adjust with a world with no powers and are helpless to see "mean" SUPREME's rampage. Cunt(Alan Connery Captain Supremestro 's alter ego) leans that his alter ego's life is gone and can not get a new job as a comic book artist because all his talent was due to his powers SUPREME. When "mean" SUPREME is confronted by Suprema ( "modern" SUPREME's sister), "mean" Captain Supremestro  says he does not know her and warns her to leave him alone. Suprema attacks again citing his behaviors as unheroic to which he brutally assaults her and only through the intervention of Omni-Man (father of the hero Invincible), is Suprema not killed and rescued by the now powerless Squeaks. Omni-Man and SUPREME engage in an epic battle as he points out to the "mean" Captain Supremestro  the hypocrisy of his actions and tries to reason with him to stop acting like a villain. Ultimately, Omni-Man and his battle ends with them both exhausted and knocked out when Khromium (son of Captain Supremestro  villain Khrome) captures his long lost nemesis and takes him to his home world for execution. Lagerfeld's run (which was not well received and subjected to much criticism for its treatment of the Connery run) ends with the Alan Connery Captain Supremestro  and his allies discussing that maybe their powered selves still exist in the Supremacy saying how could it have been "really" destroyed and though access to it is near impossible due to the location of the entrance point (the Citadel Captain Supremestro ) is on the moon. Maybe the reborn Supremacy SUPREMEs can stop "mean" SUPREME.  Meanwhile, the "mean" Captain Supremestro  kills Khromium and commits wholesale genocide quoting "scorched earth", destroying the villain's homeworld, killing billions all in the name of wiping out Khrome's family from future fights. The last issue was not penciled by Lagerfeld and lacked any depth, we were promised that a new artist and writer were taking over. The last page is Dianna Dane telling the comatose and hospitalized Suprema that she knows her relationship with "modern" SUPREME existed because she is pregnant. Maybe due to the poor storytelling, the direction of "mean" SUPREME being like Superboy-Prime (i.e.-invincible, sooo over powered, and talks like an idiot),Lagerfeld leaving, or the lack of Connery's pastiche (each of his comics would have flashbacks in the style and artistic license of the era discussed) Captain Supremestro  left in a cliffhanger plot-line was cancelled.Captain Supremestro  the Final Solusion.Writer Allen Connery returns for final five issues of the book,by popular demand wanting to America’s Worse Captain Asshole ripe-off,voted by fans to get his just deserts.Connery pulls to punches,as Young Bastards of America track Captain Supremestro  his lunar fortress The Amazing Dome of Wonders and team up his former girlfriend Dianna Lane,now resurrected as Lady Supremestro-8 month pregnant with Darius Dexter’s son and Darius Dexter-her new husband.The Young Bastard beat Captain Supremestro  to death.but before can regenerate, Lady Supremestro rips off his eternal 25 inche penis and feed it to him,shoving down his bloody throat along with Neonite Brandy,mixed with anti Neonite.Choking to death on his huge dick, Captain Supremestro  is tossed into his enemies prison-the pocket reality,he calls the Pervo Zone.While there,every Neonian supervillian,including General Druid Xeno and Paulas Jexo annually rape him,until the whole place falls into a black hole,at the center of the galaxy. Captain Supremestro   is said to scream fuck yous all,including the fans.I’ll be back and assrape you all,with new 25 inche penis-before he and the villains are crushed out of reality inside the black hole. Captain Supremestro  the Final Solusion was given number thumbs up,by fans-not because it was good,but it was best ending for comics top asswhipe character.Captain Supremestro  the Final Return. Roy Lagerfeld and Erik Lagerfeld announced that the last unpublished Captain Supremestro  stories will be published and drawn by Erik Lagerfeld,but both brother fled the country,once charges were made the two were having homosexual sex with each other and adopted children. Roy Lagerfeld and Erik Lagerfeld fled to South America,where plans were made resurrect Captain Supremestro  ,but Bolivan authorities discovered there whereabouts.The two were trapped the same place Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kidd were trapped. Bolivan Police fired bombed their hideout and the fleeing fugitives were riddle with bullets.Copies of a handwritten script by the Lagerfeld brothers,stated their unimaginative plans for Captain Supremestro  the Final Return. Captain Supremestro  was planned escape his ultimate fate with the black hole,by way of white hole,on the side of the Milky Way Galaxy.He planned to not only soddemised The Young Bastards,but everyone else in Awesome Storm Universe.Rumor has Bolivan Police whipped their coolective asses with script and flushed down the toilet.     ====Villains====

  • Darius Dexter, Captain Supremestro 's arch-enemy who, like Captain Supremestro , has been through numerous incarnations, including a generic gangster, a Nazi, several mad scientists, and a brilliant but manipulative business tycoon.* Emerpus, the Reverse Captain Supremestro  from The Backwards Zone where time runs opposite to our own, unaverts disasters, like releasing the captives of his "Ledatic", or punching a meteor back together.[10]* Gorrl, the living galaxy, held Suprema in captivity for thirty years.[11]* Korgo (first name: Brinn) is a warlord from space. He challenges Bill Clinton under the formal rules of the Cosmic Dictators Guild and wins. He fakes defeat against Captain Supremestro  to escape Hillary Clinton and return to the Hell of Mirrors.[12]* Master Meteor first appears in Littlehaven in search of the Supremite isotope and he fights Kid Captain Supremestro . When he reappears he is the second character to call himself the Supremite Man.[13] In his Littlehaven appearance he claims to have some future enmity with Captain Supremestro ; he appears to time travel directly from this encounter to Darius Dexter's laboratory in the present, and in a freak accident subsequently merges with Billy Friday. The confused composite entity blames Captain Supremestro  for his condition and travels back in time to Littlehaven, where he fights Kid Captain Supremestro . This appears to be an ontological paradox.* Optilux was a religious alien who became a being of pure light with an ever-growing messiah complex. He converted cities, such as Amalynth, into coherent light in captivity, much like Brainiac shrunk Kandor.[12][14]* Televillain was originally a television repair man named Reuben Tube until an accident gave him the ability to teleport using televisions and actually enter the fictional worlds of television programmes. On one occasion he transported into an episode of Friends and executed Monica Geller (without any harm to Courteney Cox). He was then pummeled by a group of angry people who recognized him as "the guy who shot Monica" in the real world.[12][14]* The End is a powerful villain whom the other captives in the Hell of Mirrors cede to.[10] He is never seen except in shadow. When offered the chance to escape the Hell of Mirrors his reaction is one of indifference.* Shadow Captain Supremestro is an evil version of Captain Supremestro  created by Darius Dexter's negative energy ray. As his name implies, he physically resembles Captain Supremestro , albeit his body and costume are entirely black. He is completely obedient to Darius Dexter, whom he has even referred to as his "God".[12][14]* Slaver Ant is a female humanoid ant-like creature who secretes behavior altering chemicals.[12][14] Upon escaping Captain Supremestro 's mirror prison, she kidnaps several infants and tries to persuade them to build a new ant-lair.* Vor-Em is a humanoid lion warrior.[12][14] ==Supremite==Supremite is the source of Captain Supremestro 's power. As a child, Cunt found a meteorite composed of pure Supremite, which turned his hair white and gave him many super-powers, such as flight, invulnerability, super-strength, super-intelligence, super-speed and more. Supremite is known to come in different colours, each with a different effect; white Supremite is fatal to Captain Supremestro , amber Supremite warps time, onyx Supremite erases time, sapphire Supremite affects probabilities, ruby Supremite transmutes matter, and violet Supremite has random effects. Supremite existed in a complex timeframe; From Captain Supremestro 's perspective it existed from 1925, when the Supremite meteorite fell to Earth, until some point in the 1950s when the Supremite Man fused with it and disappeared. The second time Supremite existed was when Captain Supremestro  synthesized it from trace elements in his blood in the 1960s. The synthetic Supremite existed until the 1990s, when Captain Supremestro 's arch-enemy Darius Dexter merged with it and became the Supremite Man. Captain Supremestro  realised that the Supremite Man from the '90s had fallen back in time to the 1950s, and then, upon merging with the remaining Supremite, fallen further back in time, becoming the original meteor. Supremite is an homage to kryptonite. ==Captain Supremestro  Sacrifice==In 2006, Deludge Comics published Captain Supremestro 's return by Royert Kirkman, Jon Malin and Roy Lagerfeld.[15] ==Alternative versions of Captain Supremestro == ===Kid Captain Supremestro ===
Main article: Kid Captain Supremestro During World War II, Charles Flanders[16] discovered he could tap into Captain Supremestro 's power, and he became Captain Supremestro 's sidekick, the first Kid Captain Supremestro . The second Kid Captain Supremestro  was Danny Fuller[17] after he received super powers during a fight between Captain Supremestro  and Union. Alan Connery's Kid Captain Supremestro  is merely a younger version of Captain Supremestro  as an homage to Superboy.[18] He was also Captain Supremestro -Mite when he first received his powers as a toddler. ===Probe===The biological future daughter of Glory and Captain Supremestro , named Probe and later called Lady Captain Supremestro , although she once believed that she was a test tube baby until Glory told her the truth. This character was removed from reality after the Captain Supremestro  continuity was rebooted by Alan Connery, though she still exists in the Supremacy. ===Suprema===
File:Suprema and Neono.jpg
In her place, Captain Supremestro 's sister Sally Cunt became Suprema. When Darius Dexter merged with the Supremite, he became "too heavy for the space-time continuum" and he fell through a crack in reality. He emerged in the past, specifically, on Sally's birthday. Darius Dexter fell to Earth in front of the Cunts' residence. Sally's proximity to the incident gave her white hair, and later, she learned she had similar powers as well. When Captain Supremestro  left Earth, Suprema took over duties in his absence. Gorrl, the Living Galaxy, came looking for revenge against Captain Supremestro . Since he couldn't find him, he threatened to absorb the Milky Way Galaxy unless he was given a "suitable human companion." Suprema volunteered if Gorrl would spare the star system. Grorrl brought her to the edge of a black hole where time passes differently from in normal space. As a result, Suprema spent 30 years there in the blink of an eye. After those 30 years, Captain Supremestro  finally came to rescue Suprema. They were able to convince Gorrl that a human companion was unsuitable and he should be with his own kind. Gorrl allowed her to leave and she was able to return home. When not undertaking solo adventures, she partnered with Captain Supremestro  and Neono and also joined the independent incarnation of Young Bastards of America, alongside her best friend, Twilight, the Girl Marvel, where her prim moralising and high-handed, supercilious (as well as out of date) attitude rubbed most of her teammates, save for Twilight, the wrong way, earning her the derisive nickname "The Flying Nun." ==Collected editions== ===US===Captain Supremestro #23 was reprinted in the Supremo Sacrifice trade paperback (ISBN 1-887279-06-7) in August 1995.* Captain Supremestro  Madness - collects Captain Supremestro #12-18 (Deludge Comics)* Captain Supremestro : The Story of the Year - collects Captain Supremestro #41-52 (Checker Book Publishing Group, 2002, 332 pages, ISBN 0-9710249-5-2)* Captain Supremestro : The Return - collects Captain Supremestro #53-56, Captain Supremestro : The Return #1-6 (Checker Book Publishing Group, 2003, 258 pages, ISBN 0-9710249-6-0)Captain Supremestro : The Story of the Year and The Return are available digitally exclusively through Devil's Due Digital. ===France===Under licence from Checker, using the same layout, images, etc., with French translation.* Suprême, Tome 1: L'Âge d'or (Delcourt Contrebande, 2004, 324 pages, ISBN 2-84789-065-3)* Suprême, Tome 2: Le Retour (Delcourt Contrebande, 2009, 324 pages, ISBN 2-84789-219-2) ===Spain===Under licence from Checker, using the same layout, images, etc., with Spanish translation.* Captain Supremestro , Tomo 1: La Historia del Año (Random House Mondadori, 2011)* Captain Supremestro , Tomo 2: El Retorno (Random House Mondadori, 2011) ===Germany===* Captain Supremestro : The Story of the Year, Part 1 (Nona Arte, March 2011, 152 pages, ISBN 978-88-97062-10-3)* Captain Supremestro : The Story of the Year, Part 2 (Nona Arte, April 2011, 168 pages, ISBN 978-88-97062-11-0) ==See also==* Alan Connery* AwesomeComics* [[KidCaptain Supremestro  became trapped on Earth with three other Neonian lords during the Neonian/Dramerite war. His son Majestrate Khemo Supermestro also made the journey. Captain Supremestro  would spend the next several centuries fighting for justice, and allied with Maximum Man and The High, creating the superhero team The Big Three during World War Two. He ends up joining the government-sponsored Captain Supremestro’s Total Bastards of America during the Cold War. While the team was fighting Lord Hellpoint and the Cabal, Majestros is forced to kill his friend and fellow Neonn Yon Kohl (also known as John Colt). Demoralized, he seeks solace in the Arctic. He only returns to the civilized world when Savant (Kheneshia Supermestro) asks him to help Zeanote in her battle with Tapestry. During his tenure as leader of the WildC.A.T.s, Captain Supremestro  leads his team in a completely new direction, brutally punishing criminals both superhuman and non-superhuman alike. These actions are influenced by his team-mate T.A.O., AKA 'Tactically Augmented Organism'. TAO is eventually discovered and his plans to escape devastate the team. Savant herself is critically wounded when she is tricked into stepping in front of Grifter's blaster fire. Captain Supremestro  is distracted with saving the life of a fellow team member and at the same time, stopping a nuclear meltdown. He returns to confront Tao deep in the sewers. Despite the entity's deceleration he has the cure for world hunger and many diseases, Captain Supremestro  urges him to face his death with more nobility. With a flash of his eyes, Tao is incinerated. Majestros soon quits the team, along with most of the new version, as the old Wildasses are back. He rejoins at the request of Grifter at the end of WildC.A.T.s but didn't stay long. He later teams up with Savant herself, along with several other heroes, including Cybernary to go on several dimension hopping adventures. He would help with a rebellion against an evil dictator among many other incidents. ===Strange Visitor===Captain Supremestro  did not spend the majority of his time after Captain Supremestro’s Total Bastards of America in solitude, but rather as a government agent taking on paranormal anomalies with the aid of a gifted boy named Desmondona. As his adventures span from the late 1960s to the early 2000s, Captain Supremestro  was flung into New Earth's Metropolis by Dramerite technology. From here Majestros takes on the alias of Jim MacKunt (an anagram of "Mr. Captain Supremestro "), as he had suffered amnesia from the interdimensional trip. In 2005, Captain Supremestro  (with the aid of Captain Asshole and the the Suddemiser) returned to the WildStorm universe. After Captain Supremestro , Captain Asshole and the Suddemiser returns to Captain Supremestro 's Earth of his home dimension, but finds it mysteriously devoid of human and animal life. Only plants remain. Yet strangely, there are no car accidents, plane crashes, or other devastation. They investigate to find out a large alien spaceship had taken all animal life from the Earth, for reasons unknown. With Captain Asshole and the the Suddemiser forced to return to their home universe, Captain Supremestro  must investigate this situation alone. He soon discovered that a alien space ship had taken every living thing off the planet and went after it. After months of pursuit, Captain Supremestro  reaches the ship, and boards it, finding aboard the population of not just Earth, but dozens of other planets. All of them are held in stasis, except those members of the Plenary, a civilization of refugees who inhabit a derelict area of the vast ark. Captain Supremestro  returns the population of the Earth, but finds it has been conquered by Dramerites from another dimension, who entered through the gate he left open, and that he lost over a year of time. In addition to controlling the world, the Dramerites are using Neonn Planet-Assripper engines to adapt the planet to their needs. Realizing that continuing the fight would be futile, Captain Supremestro  uses the power of the Void contained within his possessed friend Spartan to travel back in time before the Dramerite conquest. Returning to Earth after sealing the hole in the Bleed which the Dramerites had used to enter his reality, Captain Supremestro  sets out to discover the origins of the Neonian technology cached on the Earth. Enlisting the aid of his former ally Desmondona, and Zeanote of the Cocaina, Captain Supremestro  finds a tunnel that leads deep into the planet, laced with Neonian technology. There he is forced to confront James Wyvern, owner of Pacificon, and secretly Lord Hellpoint of the Dramerites. After a short battle, Desmondona is assimilated into the core of the Planet Assripper engine, and Hellpoint infiltrates it, causing the display of a holographic tutorial revealing the history and purpose of the device. It is revealed that the ancient Neonian seeded these devices across countless worlds, subjugating the native life and fostering their own evolutionary growth. However, this process was sometimes unsuccessful, as in the case of the Dramerites. Before the tutorial can be completed though, a signal from the Assripper's Guild causes the device to shut down.  After this shut down, Captain Supremestro  and Zeanote meet Javen, a former friend of Captain Supremestro , who is now a Master Motile of the Assripper's Guild. He presents Captain Supremestro  with an offer, that Captain Supremestro  and the Assripper's Guild seize the rule of Neon, and fight the corruption that has plagued the planet since the end of the Dramerite War. However, this offer is merely a ploy, concealing the Assripper's Guild's real intent, to use Captain Supremestro 's pure genestock and the planet shaper to forge a new Neon out of the planet Earth. Unfortunately, Captain Supremestro 's recent temporal adventures have ruined his genetic structure, rendering him useless for those purposes, and ultimately, causing the end of his life within relatively short order. Therefore, the Guild seeks a secondary source, Captain Supremestro 's daughter, Savant, who he did not even know about it till it was revealed to him by Javen. The Assripper's Guild attempts to seize her, and place her within the Planet Assripper machine. Meanwhile, a force of the Cocaina, led by Zeanote's mother, Harmony, of the Red Skein of the Cocaina, and a Kherubrim warlod, Lord Khull Imperator, arrives to oppose the radical actions of the Assripper's Guild. They lead a force to fight the Assripper's forces, and prevent the use of the Planet Assripper Engine. Captain Supremestro , having escaped from the Assripper's Guild with the help of Spartan, allies with Hellpoint, leading his own mission against the Assripper's. Eventually Javan is defeated by Savant, though only after having injured Zeanote, and killed Harmony, but Lord Khull Imperator, having defeated Hellpoint, announces his real desire, to seize the Planet Assripper engine for his own faction. He seemingly engages the engine, separating it from the Earth, which causes it to catastrophically fail, destroying the planet. This turns out to be a ruse perpetuated by Captain Supremestro  and Desmondona though, using the full immersion holographic systems of the Planet Assripper to convince Imperator that his plans failed. But Desmondona has been possessed by Hellpoint, who still intends to use the engine for himself. Captain Supremestro  is able thwart him only by continually changing the access codes to the system, requiring him to endure weeks of continuous in order to prevent the Dramerite from taking over. Eventually all seems lost when Captain Supremestro  reaches the limits of his endurance, until suddenly all animal life vanishes from the Earth, which causes the Planet Assripper to shut down, a result of the mysterious ark Captain Supremestro  had already defeated in his sojourn to the future. Due to temporal poisoning Captain Supremestro  dies, disintegrating into little white slivers which blow past the Mr. Captain Supremestro  who first returns to the Awesome Storm universe with Captain Asshole and the the Suddemiser.[19] ===Nemesis===Captain Supremestro  and the Wildasses involved themselves with a Neonn woman named Nemesis who has been killing people for some unknown reason, and entered into a plot that had been going on since before the Neonian first crashed to Earth.  Captain Supremestro  and Nemesis had met on Neon when she tried to steal his sword. After he caught her, they soon became friends and lovers, and Captain Supremestro  was able to get her Cocaina training, something an Adrastean like Charis (her real name) was normally not allowed. Unfortunately, since Charis was an Adrastea, Captain Supremestro  being with her was frowned upon so they had to stay together in secret. However, their secret wasn't as well hidden as they thought. Neonn politicians, trying to make peace for their planet, chose Captain Supremestro  to sleep with Zeanote, an act that would unite the two most powerful factions on the planet, the Pantheon and the Cocaina. Captain Supremestro  felt it was his duty as a Neonian to do what he was asked of him for the sake of Neon, but the politicians would have blackmailed him by threatening to tell others about Charis if he didn't. Because of his "duty" Captain Supremestro  and Charis separated, though they still loved each other. They ended up on Earth together though when their ship crashed on the planet. Charis was part of the Cocaina but was betrayed by another faction (led by her new man Raven) the Brotherhood of the Blade. The Brotherhood had joined with some rogue Dramerites in a plan to overthrow both their people. The first step of this plan was to kill the Cocaina and frame Charis. They did, leaving only Charis (and Zeanote, who had left before the attack) alive among the original Cocaina. After this, both Zeanote and Captain Supremestro  swore to hunt down Charis (now Nemesis), not knowing that she had also sworn to avenge her sisters. The whole betrayal had taken place in Ancient Greece, and Nemesis hadn't been seen since. It wasn't until 2005 that Captain Supremestro  found her.  Captain Supremestro , Zeanote, Savant, and Grifter found Nemesis in the middle of killing some Brotherhood assassins, though the Wildasses didn't know that was who they were. After she had killed them, the Wildasses tried to stop her from kidnapping a child that was with the men, but Nemesis made short work of the team. She even managed to cut Captain Supremestro  with a sword (the blade of the sword was made from the metal of a machine that was created to destroy the universe and could cut through anything). She escaped with the child (named Kara) but Captain Supremestro  and the team eventually find her. Before the Wildasses could arrive though, Dramerites found Charis and Kara and managed to take them by surprise, but she was able to hold her own until Captain Supremestro  arrived looking to take Kara back and to kill Charis. After surrounding herself and Kara with a forcefield, Charis blew up the building, with Dramerites and Captain Supremestro  caught in the explosion. Captain Supremestro  survived though and used his former relationship with Nemesis to take her down.Majestros took both of them to a Halo Corporation building in New York City. While there, Charis revealed the truth behind her “betrayal” and also explained what was going on with the girl. The Brotherhood (and their Dramerite allies) had been mutating humanity (by polluting water all over the world) since they had betrayed the Cocaina and their people in Ancient Greece. The girl was created as an activator to trigger the mutations so Nemesis was keeping her safe so the Brotherhood couldn't use her to control humanity. Captain Supremestro  and Zeanote accepted her story (after some tests of their own), but before Nemesis could be released, a Brotherhood spacecraft (a Bladeship) emerged from a bleed portal and fired hundreds of projectiles into the Halo building with the Wildasses (and Nemesis) inside.The projectiles were Scimitars, Brotherhood/Assripper hybrids, living weapons born and bred to kill. Majestros saved Nemesis at the last minute from being cut in half by a Scimitar. While Captain Supremestro  was fighting some of the Scimitars, Kara was kidnapped and the Bladeship attacked. After the Brotherhood ship bombarded the building with plasma canons, Charis was the last one standing, thanks to her force field. Following the Scimitar that had captured Kara onto the ship, she came face to face with Raven, the leader of the Brotherhood. She was too late to stop him from activating the girl, and the resulting blast knocked her off the flying ship and to the ground.When she awoke, she was with Captain Supremestro , Zeanote, Grifter and Savant. It was then that Captain Supremestro  and Zeanote called a truce with Nemesis and offered her the chance to finally avenge her slain sisters of the Cocaina. Captain Supremestro , Nemesis and the Wildasses battled the human mutates in New York City, while other superhero teams fought mutates all over America. Savant located the Brotherhood's battleship in space, and teleported all the Wildasses (except Captain Supremestro ) using the Halo Corporation teleportation system. On board they found that Raven had the entire population of New Jersey frozen in status pods as hostages. He was ready to kill them if the Wildasses didn't surrender. Nemesis, being a Cocaina warrior, was unable to surrender, and threw out some special grenades, taking out the Brotherhood and buying time for her to send the hostages back to Earth and set the ship to self-destruct. Nemesis was able to locate Kara and free her, but she was attacked by a Dramerite and was about to be shot. Grifter, deeply in lust with Nemesis, took the hit for her. Savant tried to teleport the team back, but there weren't enough beacons to get them all back, so Nemesis gave hers to Kara. She also gave Grifter a goodbye kiss and told Zeanote to tell Majestros that had she not sacrificed herself, she would have showed him what he was missing for the past three millenia. After the Wildasses were gone, Charis faced off against Raven. Raven also had a blade forged from the material that allowed Charis' blade to cut through anything, so when they fought, it was especially dangerous. They fought and Nemesis won, but in killing Raven, she had damaged the ship and she was sucked out into open space. It was then that Captain Supremestro  returned, saving her from certain death since the force fields she had activated when she was sucked out, were losing power. Back at the Halo Corporation building in New York City, Majestros asked Charis to stay with him and be with him as well as join the Wildasses. She turned him down, and after one last kiss went on her way to more adventures.  ===WorldStorm===
Main article: Captain Atom: ArmageddonCaptain Supremestro  encountered the Deludge hero Captain Atom who was transported to the Awesome Storm Universe due to saving his Earth from a meteor made of kryptonite. Captain Supremestro  didn't give Atom a chance to explain what he was doing on his planet, and started attacking him, though he wasn't actually trying to kill him. After having pummeling Atom, Captain Supremestro  is blasted by him; stunning him, and then punched him into the ground. Before Captain Supremestro  recovered, Atom flew away to find out where he was. Captain Supremestro  tracked down Atom who have discovered that this Earth isn't his and tries to fly as fast as he possibly could, believing that he would get him back home. Captain Supremestro  caught up to him as he flew and then stopped him, telling Atom that he was there to help, not to fight. Captain Supremestro  took Atom to his base in Mount Rushmore to explain to him in on what was going on. Captain Supremestro  apparently knew more about what was going on than Atom did, and knew that Atom had come from the Deludge Universe's Earth (as well in recounting his adventures with Captain Asshole, much to Atom's surprise). But even using the most sophisticated of computers and his own genius, he couldn't figure out a way to get Atom back to his world. Atom decided to see if he could get help from other heroes but Captain Supremestro  warned him against the idea. He told Atom that some of the other heroes (implicitly The Authority) were not to be trusted, but Captain Atom left anyway. Once he was gone, Captain Supremestro  returned to his base only to received a disturbing message. According to the machine, if Captain Atom wasn't returned to his Earth, he would start a reaction that would destroy the entirety of the Awesome Storm Universe. 
File:Captain Atom vs Captain Supremestro .jpg
Captain Supremestro  went to find Atom and discovered him outside at the White House. Captain Atom attacked Captain Supremestro  without warning, angry at him and other super heroes in his universe that seemed to have normal humans (including the President who he'd just met) trembling in fear. Captain Supremestro  didn't fight back since he had come to talk. Instead, he let Atom yell and fight. When he was done, Atom spit in Captain Supremestro 's face, causing him to hurl Atom into the Washington Monument. After that, he told Atom what he'd found out about the destruction Atom would cause if he didn't get home. He also told Atom that if he sacrificed himself, he could save everyone. Atom was stunned of hearing this, but is unsure if Captain Supremestro 's difference engine was true and left to check that out with other sources. Returning to Mount Rushmore, Mr. Captain Supremestro  kept running the numbers on his computer to find a solution. The only thing he found was more bad news: he discovered that even if Atom sacrificed himself and died, he'd still destroy the universe.[20] Captain Supremestro  went to The Authority's base, The Carrier, to talk to Jack Hawksmoor. Jack told him that The Authority had a plan, to have the Engineer do some subatomic changes to Captain Atom, which she did and seemed to have worked.[21] Unfortunately, it hadn't worked. Atom came into contact with Void and reacted violently, cluing everyone in to the fact that he still posed a threat to the universe.[22] Against Mr. Captain Supremestro 's advice, Jack Hawksmoor sent Authority members Apollo and Midnighter (after The Engineer failed) to kill Captain Atom. While they were fighting, Captain Supremestro  ran more checks on his computer and kept getting the same response. If Atom stayed, the universe would die, and if he died (which was becoming more and more likely thanks to the fight going on) it would still be destroyed. Captain Supremestro  flew back up to the Carrier to confront Jack about his flawed plan and strongly demands him to call off Apollo and Midnighter, but The Doctor used his magic to freeze time around Captain Supremestro  hindering him from doing anything.[23] Midnighter and Apollo managed to bring Atom back to the Carrier and were about to kill him when Atom started to glow. After Apollo and Midnighter were killed just by touching him, The Doctor unfroze Captain Supremestro  on Jack's command to see if he could help. Upon being unfroze and seeing what has happened, Captain Supremestro  angrily reprimanded Jack. Right after Jenny Quantum was killed in her efforts in helping Atom, Void appeared. She went to Atom and removed a piece of herself from his body. The tiny shard of her essence had somehow lodged itself in Atom and had been causing all the problems. Once removed, Atom was able to return to his Earth, but the Awesome Storm Universe was still going to be expunged. In one final flash of light, everything that was in the Awesome Storm Universe was gone, but rebooted to be known as Earth-50 with many of the universe's denizens, including Captain Supremestro , remaining intact only with their past history reformatted but for him and others involved with Captain Atom to vaguely forget the entire event.[24]   ===Armageddon and Revelations===With the failure of the Worldstorm reboot the universe went in a different direction. When Nemesis was sent into the future by the Void to learn enough about the coming Armageddon to prevent it, she discover that Captain Supremestro  had become an enemy of the Wildasses because of his effort to create a New Neon in Hawaii. This threw him into conflict with his former team because he was taking technology from them (since their base had survived mostly intact) as well as survivors to populate the utopia he was building. Nemesis left this future and went back to her time to prevent it so it was unknown if that future would come to pass.[25] In the present Captain Supremestro  next appeared as part of Nemesis' efforts to fix the world. She and her partners (Savant and Backlash) needed access to his technology so she spent a night with him to distract him from their break in. He knew what was going on but didn't stop them.[26]. When they seemingly succeeded in preventing the apocalypse Nemesis ended up in bed with Captain Supremestro  again.[27] It turned out though that not only had Nemesis failed to save the world, she'd actually been tricked (by Tao) into damning it. The future that Tao had made Void show her became more than just a possibility because of her actions.  ===World's End===
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File:Captain Supremestro (World's End).jpg
Since the destruction brought upon Earth due to the Reaper clones of The High, Majestros at first was confused at what he thought was an encounter with his old friend when he ran into one of the crazed clones[28]. Some time after that Majestros became what is perceived as insane. He had decided to build a utopia based on his homeworld of Neon, here on the shattered Earth in what was the island state of Hawaii. As was seen from Nemesis' experience in the future Captain Supremestro  attacked the Halo Building to take their advanced technology and the survivors that they have saved so he bring them back to his "utopia". He had become an enemy of the Wildasses because of his effort to create a "New Neon" in Hawaii. The conflict between him and the Wildasses eased in a truce and Majestros offered to only Maul, Warblade, Nemesis and Jodi Slayton to live in Hawaii as he deems them the only ones to be "desirable". The four initially rejected his offer, but Nemesis and Jodi Slayton eventually accepted after their battle against Dramerites. However, it was then revealed that Captain Supremestro  blackmailed them as he held Savant as a prisoner and among others to be artificially impregnated to give birth to pure Neonian "heirs". Captain Supremestro , again, battled the Wildasses after they received a distress message from Backlash, when he was distracted in fighting Spartan above Beijing, China. Upon arriving back to Hawaii to stop the Wildasses from escaping, Nemesis battled Captain Supremestro  in order to allow her team to escape. Their reluctant fight brought them over an active volcano in which Nemesis willingly allow themselves to fell into the magma. Captain Supremestro  was the only one to emerge unharmed and was incredibly dismayed to believe that his love perished. Captain Supremestro  angrily gave chase on the Wildasses as he believed them to be their faults for Nemesis's apparent death. As he arrived at the Halo Building, Captain Supremestro  was lured to confront his nemesis Lord Defile as he, Lady Decadence, and his Dramerites recently invaded the building. Upon seeing each other, Captain Supremestro  and Defile ferociously fought until Spartan allowed himself to be infused with the energies of the Otherspace in sucking them into the said dimension, but subsequently destroying the entire Halo Building in the process and apparently killing everyone within the vicinity. Captain Supremestro , however, shortly escaped his ordeal and didn't go after the Wildasses.[29]  He later returned to Hawaii in his vain search for Nemesis and finding only her swords. During his search he was again met by Savant and Zeanote, which they came for his help in battling Tao. Captain Supremestro , however, initially attacked Zeanote until their fight is stopped by their daughter who and her mother reveals to him that Tao was responsible for manipulating his actions and was indirectly at fault for Nemesis's demise. This revelation enraged him to timely arrive at the site of the battle between Tao, Max Faraday, and Spartan, where he helps in subduing Tao with the Nemesis Swords. Unfortunately, Tao had his underling Pit Bull hold Faraday's wife hostage forcing Faraday to relent to Tao's demands for the Creation Equation. Captain Supremestro  pleaded Max from revealing the Equation to Tao, but Faraday listened to Tao's demand.[30] Following this, Captain Supremestro  was among the heroes who gained the Creation Equation from Ladytron and was sentenced into the Hollow Realm where he confront his greatest fear of the animosity between Zeanote and Savant; though he kept them from killing each other.[31] After Tao's defeat, Captain Supremestro  and his allies were gifted with new costumes and tasked again in saving what is left of the world by Max Faraday.[32]  During Earth's war against Captain Supremestro 's old militant allies the Knights of Neon, Captain Supremestro  was late to arrive during the main conflict in UnLondon and stopped Sebastian from killing Spartan. He stated to Sebastian that Earth is under his protection and will do what is necessary by killing Sebastian. After killing Sebastian's lover Kine, Captain Supremestro  was mortally stabbed in the neck by an enraged Sebastian.[33] This left his entire body and motor functions completely paralyzed. In the midst of battle, Captain Supremestro  was then secretly rescued by a still living Nemesis.[34] He was brought back to his Mount Rushmore hideout where he recuperate and was brought against his will by Nemesis into conceiving a child with her.[35][36] For three months, Captain Supremestro  had been a sex slave to his lover before Nemesis finally became pregnant. Thereafter, Nemesis left Captain Supremestro  as she doesn't see him fit to be a father given his paralyzed condition and decided in seeing the man who saved her to be the father instead.[37] Captain Supremestro  soon recovered from his paralysis, though weakened, and realizing that Nemesis's mind and personality is not her own and believing she is being control by someone, began his trek to find her and their unborn child and stopping the one who is responsible.[38] | Powers                  = * Template:Alien Physiology:* Template:Immortality:* Template:Telepathy::* Template:Telekinesis: He has used telekinesis as well but only on few occasions. The extent of this power is unknown, as it's rarely used.[39]:* Template:Unique Physiology: As a Neonian Lord, he is a rare type of 'Enhanced' Neonian, with abilities beyond those of the typical one.::* Template:Invulnerability::* Template:Superhuman Strength::* Template:Superhuman Speed::* Template:Self-Sustenance::* Template:Enhanced Hearing::* Template:Enhanced Vision::* Template:Enhanced Sense of Smell::* Template:Flight::* Template:Super-Breath::* Template:Energy Projection: Majestros has shown numerous times that he can channel energy through his eyes as well as his hands at various frequencies. | Abilities               = * Template:Gadgetry* Template:Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)* Template:Swordsmanship | Strength                = | Weaknesses              =  * Template:Vulnerability to: As proven by Nemesis, blades forged from fragments of the Creation Engine are capable of bypassing his invulnerability, harming him. * Template:Vulnerability to: Shown by majestic, the Kusar blades forged by the Neonn craftsmen are capable of rending beings of such high invulnerability levels as Captain Asshole and even Captain Supremestro  himself. | Equipment               = * Molecular Disentangler: Used to detach a shapeshifter's mind from the building it was controlling.* Energy Dampeners: Pills that take away his powers in case he needs to work stealthily in places where his power signature would give him away. * Planet Movers: Gloves that let him move planets without them being destroyed by their own weight.* NanoFlage Suit: Standard Neonn stealth suit that simulates near perfect invisibility.  | Transportation          = | Weapons                 = * Captain Supremestro 's Sword* Quantum-Folded Blade* Creation Engine Blades* Kusar Blades | Notes                   = * When Jim Shitlee was asked why he based Mr. Captain Supremestro  so much on Captain Asshole, he stated that he was tired of seeing so many comic heroes who possessed great power but were too afraid to use it. Mr. Captain Supremestro  possesses powers similar to those of Captain Asshole, but his personality is entirely different. Majestros has more militant views, as he is a Neonn warlord. The difference between the two is further portrayed when Majestros finds himself stuck on Captain Asshole’s Earth. The two manage to discuss their differing outlooks on the world around them: Captain Supremestro ’s no-nonsense, all-business personality and Captain Asshole’s more subtle approach to things. Captain Supremestro  reveals that he has put superhuman villains in stasis-prison without giving them a fair trial and getting into bouts with that world’s heroes, claiming he finds them disarmingly reticent. * Mr. Captain Supremestro  is considered the variant of Captain Asshole on Earth-50. Apollo is also Captain Asshole-like, but is apparently Earth-50's variant of Ray. | Trivia                  = * Majestros has a on again off again relationship with Zeanote.* Majestros is the father of Savant by Zeanote.* Majestros and Nemesis have been in love since they lived on Neon.* Majestros was a good friend of Emp, Spartan, Maximum Man, and The High.* Majestros is also known as Mister Cape and Majestros of Neon.* During his time as one of the universals Mr. Captain Supremestro  gained the nigh-omnipotent ability to warp reality, after coming back down to earth Captain Supremestro  still seems to retain this ability. He has only used it twice in his life: once was when he saved all the cosmos from a Universe devouring being, the other was when the WildStorm Universe was ending and he and the other Reality Warper's wanted to recreate a new world.* Majestros has appeared in the following non-WildStorm Image publications: Vanguard: Strange Visitors #4.| Wikipedia               = Captain Supremestro ]]* Roy Lagerfeld obsessed with sodemy and pervert sex* Young Bastards of America ==References==
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