House of Stark. Edit

Fictional House of the Stark Clan.Related distantly to the House of the Starkillers,the House of Rhann,the House of Khonn,the House of Sarkhon

The House of Stark,are member of the family line;dating back Agamenmon Starkiller ,who may have been one of the Original Pathfinders,to leave the Homeworld of The Terran Federation though he was either unaware of this or loathe to invoke its prestige for much of his life,he may have known by his encounters with the Legion of Time Sorcerers,that line was destined for a greater role in the formation of past and future galactic history.Many of their descendants were thus endowed with extremely high intelligence and strength, as well as an exceptional capacity and drive to perform good, or, as the case may be, evil deeds. The progeny of these travellers were purported to have been the real-life originals of fictionalised characters, both heroic and villainous, over the last few hundred years,

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