Write the first paragraph of your page here.Commadore Fleet Captain Troyus Tal Hadron is a fictional character,an Albinoid Imperial Delkhon Warrior,who also Fleet Captain of Admirel Tardos Sojats Lemurian Sky Pirates.He is under the command of Princess Antillus Sojat ,Cheif Commander of the Imperial Lemurean Star Carrier.HMS Queen of the Royal Seas.

1 Fictional BiographyEditEdit

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2 Powers and AbilitiesEditEdit

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Tal Dos Olak Zu Dihn Ch Dan Gan U-Th Lo Hat Flor Em-O Ur E-Mad Thakor Shamad Dan Gur Hamed Tel Dan Gur Sarogel Nolandurtur Sojat Ul Vas Moak Ghek Pan Vas Dejan Aytar Dur Ul Sara Sen Xat Car VobisThoranai Phag Or Djandu Shai O-Zav Phystar Sarok Dur Ja Ja Zuki Vang Thur Natorm-Than Gor SabimTorkarkar Sil-Tar Van Yo Lat Or Gor Comehaj Aran Ho Zamdor Sab Thaj Ajak Ult

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