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Daniel Leroy O'Brian (born Octo is the second oldest of the four O'Brian brothers, all of whom are members of the Thuvian Rangers.Dan O'Brian has two sisters, Beth O' Brian Keuchler (born 1955), and Sarah Jane O'Brian Sasso (born 1965)

Daniel O'Brian is the professional gambler who is also handy with a gun or sword,in a fight

Personal lifeEdit

Daniel O'Brian was drafted into the Thuvian Rangers ,following Alexander and served in the K War as a First Sergeant. He later married Dolphia Parker, whom he had met while a student at Sul Ross State. All of their four children's names begin with a 'D': actor Dirk O'Brian, David O'Brian and twin daughters Debra Lee O'Brian (artist) and Danna Lynn O'Brian.

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