Departments of the Terran Federation Space Force Command:


The Federation Space Navy is the backbone force of the Space Force Command. The Navy is in charge of monitoring and policing all stellar traffic in Terran Federation space. Using powerful and advance ships, the Navy currently holds the most people that enlist in the Federation Military. The Navy must also patrol and defend Terran space from hostile or pirate attacks or raids on Civilian/Military planets or stations.


The Federation Naval Intelligence is the new special branch of the Federation Space Navy. The FNI controls and operates the few Phantom Class stealth ships in the Nation and use them for spy missions and border scouts. Also the FNI deals with research and development with in the Terran Federation, studying alien or new technologies and advancing currently technology.


The Federation Starfighter Crops is a sub group of the Federation Navy, operating onboard carriers and other vessels that are designed to carry starfighers. They also are stationed on Forts and planets for air/space defense. The Starfigher Crops has no official command structure and therefore is placed under the Navy Command Line and follow Fleet Command Navy Commanders.


The Federation Marine Core is the second department of the Space Force Command. Marines are the primary ground and shipboard forces the Terran Federation uses. All marines receive intense ground tactical training as well as shipboard close quarters fighting. Marines can also operate ground vehicles and aircraft craft.


The Federation Diplomatic Corps is a new military funded section that will deal with the expansion, exploration and diplomatic needs of the Terran Federation. Once all of this was delt with the Navy but now Fleet Command wants the navy to focus of protecting the homefront. Using their own class of ship, the Diplomatic Corps are equipped to handle first contact situations, colony building, and Diplomatic relations with currently and new Allies of the Federation.

Ranks of the Federation:


Flag Officers:

Fleet Admiral Admiral Vice Admiral Rear Admiral

Line Officers:

Captain Commander Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Lieutenant Junior Grade Ensign


Master Chief Petty Officer Senior Chief Petty Officer Chief Petty Officer Petty Officer 1st-Class Petty Officer 2nd-Class Petty Officer 3rd-Class Crewmen


These aren't so much ranks but titles that pilots get. All Starfighter pilots follow the Naval Rank Structure and their commanders.

Line Officers:

Commander of the Airgroup (Title) Wing Commander (Title) Squadron Commander (Title) Commander Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Lieutenant Junior Grade


Flag Officers:

General Lieutenant General Major General Brigadier General

Line Officers:

Colonel Lt. Colonel Major Captain 1st Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant


Sergeant Major Master Sergeant Sergeant First Class Staff Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Private

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