Doc Thompson,was a very poor Doc Savage knock off,with elements of Nick Fury,mainly [ Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos] and Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. ,set in an unspecified time beyond the 1970's.

Doc Thompson -a former war veteran, army hero and who later became some sort of present-day super-spy in some future decade.

Doc Thompson's organization's primary nemesis is the international terrorist organization . Under  grows into one of the world's most powerful organizations, reaching covertly into national governments and forming strategic alliances with the  and other  groups, while always maintaining independence and deniability. .

The comic was soon dropped after a few issues and replaced Toreus,Warrior 2240.Some elements of Doc Thompson have resurfaced in the Colonel Gideon Fate material,better refitted years on.

Arthor The Clam-a talking clam shell,with stick like arms and legs,fitted with black boots and gloves.His best freind wasHerbie The Frog was a nieve cartoon frog,who wore a huge orange Turdle Neck Sweater and still had his Tadpole tail around 1970 to 1971.Herbie The Frog was created by Joe Thompson,while Arthor the Clam,was creation of Michael Kelly McKloskey.

Other weird characters were Big Feet-a cave with really huge,bare feet.The Broom,a walking Broom,who carried water buckets about.The Crazy Sea Captain Ahab.They comic strip was disconued and replaced with Mad like paradies that led a comic called Escape from Stalag 117,featuring Sgt.Joe Thompson and scout breaking out of a Catholic Nazi Nun School.This led indirectely to the bad Doc Savage knock off Doc Thompson.

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