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Mining ship From Battlestar Wiki, the free, open content Battlestar Galactica encyclopedia and episode guide Jump to: navigation, search Mining ship Mining ship Race Colonial Type Civilian FTL Yes Propulsion Crew Capacity CO {{{co}}} XO {{{xo}}} Role Mining ship Weapons {{{weapons}}} Armaments {{{arm}}} Status {{{status}}} Other Images More images... Dimensions Length 2600 feet Width 650 feet Height 220 feet [1] Weight {{{weight}}} Wingspan {{{wingspan}}} Other {{{otherdi}}}

A mining ship is a ship designed to extract raw metals and minerals. There are several[2] in the Fleet, including the Monarch and Majahual, which serve a vital role in mining tylium and other ores.

Mining ships are very hot, dirty, cramped vessels that are not suitable as a refuge for passengers.

Mining ships have a very limited refining ability. Because of this, mining ships work in concert with a refinery ship, which handles the bulk of the mineral processing. References

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