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You may be looking for the planet Tauron.

Taurons were a mute humanoid species that wore simple tunics and jewelry.

A family of Taurons visited Preplanis using maser teleportation technology. They left the planet after a series of misunderstandings with the Robinson family. ("The Sky Is Falling")

The Taurons left behind some of their equipment, which Will Robinson used to return to Earth. ("Return from Outer Space")



The Taurons may be from the planet Tauron. The name of their species was not revealed until "Return from Outer Space".Professor John Robinson,does mention the Colonist family as Taurons,at the end of the episode The Sky is Falling..In episode All That Glitters.,Officer Bolix mentions,he is of the Intergalactic Police Force,who has a main headquarters on Tauron.

  • the planet Tauron is mentioned at the end of the episode the The Space Trader (LiS episode) as having a space trade fair,to which the Trader wishes to visit.

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