Sunday, July 26, 2009   The Galaxians by Joseph Gilbert Thompson and Carl Edward Thompson

TaelonThe Taelons are an extraterrestrial species that appear in the sci fi TV show Earth: Final Conflict.Contents [hide] 1 History1.1 Early existence1.2 Coming of the Companions1.3 The Missing Link1.4 The Final Conflict2 Overview2.1 Biology2.1.1 Physiology2.1.2 Telepathy and Abilities2.1.3 Core Energy2.1.4 Weaknesses2.2 Psychology3 Society3.1 Government3.2 Culture3.3 Tactics4 Technology4.1 General4.2 Weapons and Defenses4.3 Genetic Engineering4.4 Implants4.5 Transportation5 Known Taelons6 Notes7 Appearances8 External LinkHistory Early existence  A proto-Atavus.Around eight million years ago, there existed the Atavus who were the precursor species to both the Taelons and the Jaridians before both races began alternate evolutionary paths. (Episode: The Summit) Initially, the proto-Taelons and Jaridians until they began to separate under different lines which left both deprived of vital evolutionary tools in their DNA. (Episode: Between Heaven and Hell) The Taelon's themselves claim that the Kimera were their evolutionary ancestors and they conquered them in a war of genetic assimilation through which the Taelon race evolved. After this event, the newly emerged Taelon race turned on the Kimera and exterminated most of them leaving a single survivor who was imprisoned. (Episode: The Joining) One of the forebears of the Taelons who was considered the closest approximation to a religious figure was the Atavus known as Ramaz who would become mythic as well as a close approximation to the Devil. He was the leader of an immortality cult who found a way to isolate core energy and use it to extend their own lives. Thus, the Taelons were formed when they managed to extend their life span by a factor of two hundred but at the cost of their non-Taelon brethren who formed into the Jaridians with greatly reduced life cycles. (Episode: Summit) They also stated that they had worked hard to evolve from their primitive atavistic roots to the point that they had expunged the name of their ancestral race from their language and that there was no term that could be used to name them. The closest word they had was from Earth's Latin term namely Atavus. (Episode: Atavus) The shaqarava was an aspect of the Kimera that was later passed on to the Taelon race. However, unlike the Kimera, the Taelons proved to be incapable of controlling the violent impulses of the shaqarava which necessitated in them in creating the Commonality in order to better control it. (Episode: A Stitch in Time) Through the shaqarava organ of these early Taelons, they were capable of reshaping their flesh and help in the formation of the Commonality. (Episode: Atavus) It was known that long ago, enlightened members of both the Taelons and the Jaridians attempted a joining of their races but this act failed. (Episode: Dark Horizon) The sire of the ruling Taelon body known as the Synod was Ra'jel who put into place events that would bring about the coming of the final conflict much to his eternal shame. (Episode: Unearthed) He remained as the forefather of his race and he was retained within the consciousness of his species. (Episode: Pariah)  A Taelon and a Jaridian, descendants of the Atavus and the Kimera.It was noted that the Taelon's were scared of the shaqarava organ and it's dark power which was why they abandoned it on their quest for spiritual perfection. However, this journey fixed them in a genetic state which resulted in a slow tide towards extinction. Certain elements within the Taelon race at one time wished to steal the core energy from their Jaridians cousins at the expense of that race. This was the source of the war between the Taelon's and the Jaridians with both sides trying to destroy the other which ultimately spawned as a result of the shaqarava. (Episode: Gauntlet) The Taelons were said to had been fixated in achieving perfection that they had lost something in the millions of years of their evolution. (Episode: The First of its Kind) They also established their own homeworld known as Taelon which resided in the core of a star system called Q'ruu'faa with their planets four moons being inhabitable which had been home to the Taelons for millennia. (Episode: Live Free or Die) This was located in another galaxy which the Taelon's called the Ma'hu'ra'va galaxy. (Episode: The Secret of Strand Hill) According to later accounts, it was said that the Taelon race was over a hundred million years old. (Episode: The Fields) In their earliest history, it was known that they made use of concepts such as wealth and during that time they established trade within their home galaxy but did not conduct such operations in the Milky Way galaxy. In time, they eventually evolved to the point that they abandoned the monetary aspect of their culture as they believed it to be abhorent for an enlightened race. (Episode: Apparition) Before they finally evolved into energy beings, the Taelons used to ingest Kryss as a food as well as nourishment sourc. (Episode: Sins of the Father)Elements within the Taelon culture also covertly worked with groups within the Jaridian Imperium to solve their core energy crisis; these meetings were done in secret due to the hostilities between the two races. (Episode: The Summit) At some unknown period in their history, the Taelon's encountered the Skrill race and re-engineered them to serve as weapon's. (Episode: Emancipation) It was during this period that the Taelon's had begun a process of bio-engineering other species in a vain attempt at combating the Jaridians. (Episode: The First of its Kind) Another notable event that occured three millennia ago was when the Taelons learnt of their slow drift to genetic extinction. Thus, they sought to find a species with the intellectual promise to solve their core energy crisis. This search encompassed a thousand years. (Episode: Phantom Companion) At an unknown time was when Da'an underwent reproduced and gave birth to an offspring that was later known as Zo'or. The reason for this being a noted aspect in Taelon history was because it was the last act of procreation that occured as after that event, the species became barren and sterile. (Episode: The Cloister) Though this was said to be the case, this was only a half truth as some Taelons were in fact able to procreate but had suffered from a psychological impediment that was brought on about by their slow extinction. As a result of their closing demise and loss of their immortality, this mental factor prevented those few remaining Taelons from bearing offspring. (Episode: Phantom Companion)Another notable yet unknown event was the last case of a Taelon contracting the Pesh'tal plague which occured thousands of years ago. At that time, the virus struck a remote colony but luckily, the Taelons were able to contain its spread before it infected anymore of their kind. Following this event, the disease was not seen amongst the Taelons for centuries. (Episode: Sanctuary) During their search for a species that would solve their eventual extinction, a Taelon probe discovered the planet Earth. (Episode: Phantom Companion) Before his departure to Earth, the scientist Ma'el was known to had taken a sample of the Pesh'tal virus with him before his journey to save his species. (Episode: Sanctuary) It was known that the ancient millions of year old feud between the Taelons and the Jaridians was so old that both had forgotten the reason why they were fighting. (Episode: The Forge of Creation) In order to preserve their race, the species created the Taelon Mothership to serve as an ark with the mission objective of rescueing their kind from extinction. As such, many Taelon embryos were maintained on the vessel where they were kept in a partially alive state but unable to mature. The core programming of the mothership was to preserve the Taelons if they entered death stasis. If that time occured, the mothership was to orbit Earth until humanity evolved to the point that they could save the Taelons. (Episode: Phantom Companion)Coming of the CompanionsAround two million years ago, the Taelons arrived within the Earth solar system where they pulverised the moons surrounding the planet Saturn and thus created the rings that would be seen around that planet in later years. This was done so in order to create a screen that would hide Taelon probes within the star system. This was done with the intention of observing the human race developing on the third planet known as Earth. This served as an excellent hiding place for the Companions and would be well known amongst their kind across the millennia. (Episode: Summit) It was determined that the Taelon's were more evolved 20,000 years ago then their modern incarnation. (Episode: Keys to the Kingdom)At some point in the past, they dispatched one of their most distinguised members known as Ma'el arrived secretly on the planet Earth. Once there, his influence altered the path of Human evolution to a dramatic effect. (Episode: Dimensions) This event occured two thousand years ago before the modern age and was during the first star flight by the Taelons. Ma'el's mission was a one way journey and he was tasked with determining if an encounter between the Taelon's and Humanity was mutually beneficial. This was one of the reasons why the Companions later embarked on the journey to Earth and if Ma'els findings were different then the Taelons would depart that world. Unknown to them, Ma'el had grown attached to Humanity and believed that his fellow Taelon's would exploit the species and thus sent a warning to them to tell them not to come to Earth under any circumstances. However, if they had arrived, his message was to treat Humanity as equals as in time they would become true equals to the Companions. (Episode: The Secret of One Strand Hill) He also helped engineer Humans to become a psychic race in order for them to tap into the Commonality and allow the Taelons to better accept them. (Episode: If You Could Read My Mind) At some point, left his starship buried in Peru where it was located 150 feet beneath the Pacific ocean. During that time, Ma'el was known to had formed relations with the Inca people. As he was against his people from arriving on the planet, he instituted counter measures to prevent the Taelons from finding his starship. (Episode: The Once and Future World) As he was dying, Ma'el took a young Roman Senator known as Salvius Julianus and made him into a surrogate to serve his needs. After hiding his vessel, Ma'el allowed Julianus access to its systems so he could be a judge to the Taelons motives when they arrived on Earth. If they were hostile, the Roman was charged with taking steps with destroying them in order to ensure mankind would develop unchallenged. (Episode: Timebomb) Ma'el's final act was to encode his research into a relic that required the presence of both a Taelon and a human in order to activate and within it he revealed his findings that mankind was the missing evolutionary link between the Companions and the Jaridians. Thus, without humanity, both species would be doomed to extinction. (Episode: Abduction)The Taelons's began a secret programme of monitoring Earth in order to judge when it was best to make first contact with the Human race. (Episode: Scorched Earth) This programme began at least one year before they decided to make official contact and also involved the secret abduction of at least 50 humans for experimentation. (Episode: First Breath) At the time, Humanity was engaged in the SI War which ended when a mysterious Quantum Vortex was detonated which killed 100,000 people that was the orderof the Synod. Only a few became aware of the fact that it was infact the Taelon's who were responsible for unleashing the weapon. This was because they wanted to prevent nuclear holocaust, but keep Humanity in a state of war so the Taelons could come in and play saviors. When they arrived on the planet, they adjudicated the Sino-Indian Peace Accords in order to bring a lasting peace in Asia. (Episode: Scorched Earth) During their time with the human race, they used their advanced technology to aid in combating world hunger and cure hundreds of diseases amongst mankind. (Episode: Decision) After arriving on the planet, the Taelons were divided on the issue on Humanity and how to combat the threat posed by the Jaridians. Some Taelons were of the opinion that mankid needed to be turned into a weapon that was to be directed at the Jaridians whilst others believed that a joining of the species was needed in order to reclaim an important genetic link that was lost in their search for perfection. (Episode: The First of its Kind) This was because at this stage of development, Humanity was at a crossroads in their evolution which the Taelons intended to observe and supervise. (Episode: Decision)The Missing Link  Da'an and a Synod leader Quo'on on Earth.After revealing themselves to humanity, the presence of the Taelons challenged the most belief systems of millions of people on Earth. The resultant psychological fallout came under an umbrella term known as Companion Reaction Syndrome (CRS). At its peak, the condition led to symptoms ranging from mild depression and confusion to mass suicides. As such, it tended to be an abberant behavior found in groups of people rather than individuals. (Episode: To Float Like a Butterfly) One of the key individuals on Earth from the Taelon's was Da'an who served as the North American Companion. After an assassination attempt on his life by the Liberation movement, he appointed William Boone as his chief of security as well as director of interspecies relations. (Episode: Decision) After arriving, they began numerous attempts at furthering their agenda on the planet Earth one of which involved a public relations exercise where they restored the limbs of a girl called Julie Payton. (Episode: Miracle) At the time, the Taelons kept the existence of their Mothership a closely guarded secret from Humanity. (Episode: Wrath of Achilles)On Earth, the Taelon's began a project to reawaken the shaqarava within their bodies as part of their plans which saw scientist Rho'ha getting genetic material from a Human donor into his body. This, however, led into Rho'ha becoming violent and rogue which led to him being imprisoned. (Episode: Pandora's Box) When Companion agent Ronald Sandoval's CVI malfunctioned and he went rogue, the Synod ordered their implants to terminate him as he possessed critical information on the Taelon's activities on Earth which they did not wish to reveal to their enemies. However, he was later returned and a new CVI was implanted in him thus ensuring that the Companion agenda remained unknown. (Episode: Sandoval's Run) Later, the Taelons managed to discover the location of Ma'el's tomb located in Ireland at Strand Hill. There, they sent their implants to recover the scientist's data log in order to conclude his findings on whether the Taelons future was on Earth. When it was recovered, they discovered to their dismay that Ma'el had destroyed his research and left a message warning his brethren not to come to Earth. Divided, the Synod communed with their leader who determined that they had to remain on Earth as their future was now tied to that of Humanity. Thus, they would seek either their salvation or their destruction equally on the planet. (Episode: The Secret of Strand Hill) When a virus began infecting Earth-wide Taelon technology, the mothership came to Earth in order to purge the affected systems which demonstrated the great power the Taelons had. (Episode: Wrath of Achilles) Another of their efforts was the creation of the Portal Project with numerous stations being made to connect the world together which was supported by the Earth governments. Human scientist Jeffrey Whitfield served as Director of Portal Research who worked closely with a Taelon engineer by the name of Sa'al to incorporate the technology on Earth. (Episode: Payback)  Rho'ha displaying his newly acquired shaqarava.After the death of the Synod leader Qu'on at the hands of a Replicant, the Taelons shared with humanity the truth of the mysterious assassin - that it was the creation of the Jaridians who now knew of their presence on Earth and would undoubtably attempt to attack it. (Episode: The First of its Kind) Thus, new Synod leader Zo'or orchestrated a number of projects to prepare a defense against an impending attack one of which involved taking volunteers consisting of individuals on death row where they were implanted with weaponized bioengineered creatures designed to enhance their aggression and warrior skills. It was intended to use these individuals as soldiers in the coming war. (Episode: Moonscape) However, as time went on, there were increasing encounters with the Jaridians one of which involved a probe landing on Earth and transforming itself into a transciever which created a rupture within the Commonality. This forced the Taelons to round up Humans to serve as a backup telepathic link until the problem was solved. (Episode: Sleepers) Despite the Companions attempts at bio-engineering as well as preparing the Human race for the coming Jaridian invasion; they found that their endorsed American president candidate Daniel Thompson to be more interested in keeping his hold on the presidency. Later, when Jonathan Doors entered the political race to presidency, Zo'or talked to Doors and offered him an alliance in exchange for his help in fighting the Jaridians; he ultimately refused the offer. (Episode: Isabel)During this phase of their operations, the Taelons possessed hundreds of colonies throughout space. However, each was facing various stages of destruction at the hands of the Jaridians. In fact, the Taelon Homeworld itself had fallen prey to the Jaridians and had been destroyed; nothing was left behind but a barren wasteland. (Episode: Defector) The Taelons also made use of the Volunteer Program to train Human soldiers to fight the Jaridians on distant planets through the portal system. (Episode: Volunteers) Furthermore, it was known that whilst the Taelon's possessed a sizable amount of space within their empire, the Jaridians empire was much larger indicating that the Taelons were losing their war. (Episode: Hijacked) Defeat almost came at the hands of the Taelons when the Mothership was hijacked by a Jaridian Replicant who took over it and intended to take it to the Jaridian homeworld where its technology was to be used against its creators. However, it failed due to the efforts of Liam Kincaid and Lili Marquette. (Episode: Hijacked) Later, the Taelon fleet had adopted a policy of aggressive engagements against the Jaridians but were forced to retreat at one point in the Regula System. This was part of a strategy created by Synod Leader Zo'or to trick the Jaridian fleet into a holding action over a Taelon colony that had been abandoned when the soldiers in the Volunteer Program were recalled from their campaign. However, this allowed the Taelons to deploy their Forge Project; a weapon that harnessed the magma on Earth and shot it through an interdimensional portal that went 75 light years away to strike at the Jaridian fleet though the weapon was later sabotaged by a raid from the resistance. (Episode: Heroes and Heartbreak) This led to Zo'or orchestrating an attempt assassination of presidential candidate Daniel Thompson who was a supporter of the Companions in order to blame his political rival Jonathan Doors as well as the resistance. The public event led to Thompson being voted once more into term by the American public and he authorised the Taelons in a global manhunt for resistance cells nearly decimating their ranks. (Episode: Crossfire) This was eventually called off when Liam Kincaid uncovered the truth of the attempted assassination and the state of emergency was eventually called off by President Thompson. (Episode: Crackdown)The Final ConflictIn the aftermath, the Taelons continued with their operations but this eventually led to a state where a power struggle formed between War Minister T'than and Synod leader Zo'or. The ruling body of the Taelon race became somewhat divided into political lines with some supporting Zo'or whilst others believed that his policies were ineffective and sought to remove him from power. Zo'or was known to had taken part in the subtle assassinations of his opponents which highlighted the fact that the Commonality had diminished to such an extent that it now allowed individual Taelons to contemplate the murder of their own kind. (Episode: Subterfuge) As time went on, the Taelons domination of the Earth governments became slowly opposed by the formation of the Atlantic National Alliance (ANA) which consisted of an alliance of nations that sought to remove Companion influence from their world. (Episode: First Breath) One of the biggest setbacks that befell the Taelons was when their core energy reserve was stolen during an attempt at bringing a cold fusion power plant operational on Earth. As their species was already suffering from critical energy depletion, a number of Taelons entered into stasis until a time came when they could be replenished. During that time, General T'than was killed by Zo'or thus removing the War Minister as a political foe to the Synod leader. The Volunteer forces later failed in retrieving the sample of core energy which was dispersed around Earth thus being another step that would bring the end to the Companions. (Episode: Limbo)When it was believed that a Jaridian battle fleet was arriving on Earth, the Synod decided to abandon the planet to their enemies. In those desperate hours, Da'an sent a secret message to the Jaridians in order to find a peaceful alternative. It was determined that the Jaridian armada was a lie perpetuated by holograms and the Companions later returned to Earth but now many humans felt that their benefactors had betrayed them. (Episode: The Second Wave) As time went on, the Companions suffered from a severe depletion in their core energy to the point that they decided to reclaim elements of it from Earth during the Blood Ties co-venture with Doors International. Through covert agents, they killed various humans saved by core energy treatment and reclaimed that energy for their own use. (Episode: Blood Ties) Ultimately, the Taelons had deteorirated to the point that almost the entirety entered into death stasis and were ready to surrender to the motherships control until humanity had solved the puzzle of synthesizing core energy. The embassies around the world were shut down and all Companions retreated to the mothership in order to begin their slumber. However, Zo'or defied this and turned his brethren against Da'an who had plenty of core energy to live for a millennia. He siphoned off Da'ans energy and left the remaining Taelons to sleep in death stasis. However, the intervention of Liam Kincaid who spoke the ancient Kimera tongue took the first steps in fulfilling his destiny and providing the Taelons their salvation as predicted by Ma'el. At first Da'an believed Kincaid had doomed his race but upon hearing the Kimera language, he awakened his brethren and they siphoned off Zo'or accumulated core energy. This provided them with enough energy to remain for living for the next three months where they needed to solve their genetic problem or die as a race since now they lacked the capacity to re-enter death stasis. (Episode: Epiphany) It was stated that at least 406 members of the species now remained. (Episode: Dark Horizon)In the desperate search for their salvation, events fell into place that had been prophecised by Ma'el millennia ago. This saw the Relic's code being deciphered and a beacon being activated in Southern Asia where Ma'el had retooled an Atavan regeneration chamber to help save his species. Upon learning that six such chambers existed, the Taelons under the leadership of Da'an merged their essences into five members of their kind. However, Zo'or rebelled against his brethren in a desperate desire to preserve his own life and individuality. Whilst this was happening, a Jaridian strike team led by Vorjak boarded the mothership with the willing aid of Ronald Sandoval. There, they tracked the Taelons to the Atavan regeneration chamber on Earth where they intended to save their own race and destroy the Taelons. However, Liam Kincaid revealed that Zo'or had died attempting the act alone and that the chambers required both Taelons and Jaridians to commence a joining in order to restore their races into their original precursor race namely the Atavus. The five Jaridians joined with five Taelons thus seemingly ending both races. (Episode: Point of No Return) However, their actions were in vain since the act only restored the original Atavus who were murderess ancestral castoffs that sought to reconquer the planet Earth. When Renee Palmer attempted to determine if Liam had survived, she inadvertently reawakened the Atavus and she managed to wound one of the creatures. During the process, the sire of the Synod Ra'jel emerged and explained to Palmer that Liam would bring about a dark age but that Renee was chosen to lead humanity into the light. He quickly urged her to take the dead Atavus host that he had inhabited into a regeneration chamber so that Ra'jel could reconstituent himself in order to aid Palmer in her struggle against these new alien invaders. The Atavus that Ra'jel was using as a host was later killed which allowed the last of the Taelons to move to the regeneration chamber in order to fully reconstituet himself. Ra'jel was determined to help humanity in stopping the Atavus and preventing history from repeating itself as the Taelons had no desire to bring about the return of their precursor race. (Episode: Unearthed) He ultimately succeeding in reforming himself and was at the mothership at this point when Ronald Sandoval had transported it onboard the Taelon vessel in order to make a deal with the Atavus. Ra'jel demonstrated the collective memories of his species by knowing Sandoval's name. He attempted to enlist Sandoval's aid but was disheartened to learn that the former Companion Protector had formed an alliance with the Atavus. (Episode: Pariah)The fate of the Taelon embryos on the mothership remains unknown.Overview BiologyPhysiology  Da'an taking on a partial energy state.The Companions were apparently a humanoid looking species though despite their visage, they were in fact primarily composed of energy. (Episode: Fissures) They were described as a highly intelligent, bio-energetic sentient lifeform. (Episode: Keep Your Enemies Closer) This human appearing facade was actually created by a simple touch to a human alowing the Taelon to sample that races DNA. Through this simple touch, they were capable of altering their skin tone to match that of the chosen species into a form that was more familiar to them. (Episode: Defector) A Taelon was capable of taking on a more solid fleshed based appearance though they could change to their energy form. Sometimes, they were capable of "blushing" where parts of their true form were capable of being seen. (Episode: Live Free or Die) This unique bio-energy allowed the species to easily live for centuries. (Episode: The Arrival) Any damage to their "skin" led to their energy spilling out which was the equivalent of a human bleeding to death. This meant that any such "wound" needed to be closed before the Companion died from the loss of energy. (Episode: Keep Your Enemies Closer) Whilst energy being, they did wear a form of clothing which they referred to as an exo-covering. (Episode: Dream Stalker) Furthermore, their energy metabolism was far less vulnerable to temperature changes then humans allowing a Taelon to walk through very cold environments without the aid of a spacesuit. (Episode: Summit)They were ultimately much further along the evolutionary ladder when compared to Humanity with one of the benefits of their biology and evolution was the fact that they could psychically manipulate organic matter. Thus, through the power of their mind if focused on healing allowed the species to heal repair damage to their bodies at a remarkable level. However, an unknown factor to many was that their evolution and split with the Jaridians had left a vital element from their DNA which was necessary for their evolution. Thus, they were a dying race and had become so incompatible with the Jaridians and they were incapable of using Jaridian DNA to restore the missing link. (Episode: Between Heaven and Hell) This was attributed to the Taelons quest for spiritual perfection which left them on a path to extinction. (Episode: Gauntlet) According to the Jaridians, the Taelons had evolved into a race of pure intellect which led to them losing the desire to procreate. (Episode: The Arrival) Despite the millions of years that passed since their creation, the Taelons still possessed Avatus DNA which was considered their darkside. It was this aspect that allowed for the potential of a joining with the Jaridians in an attempt at reconstitueting the original Atavus race. These attempts often failed as both subjects or one of them died in the process. (Episode: Summit)  A Taelon whilst it is resting.According to normal Human scanning equipment, a Taelon apparently possessed no brain; there was no evidence of lobes being present or a cortex. There was an energy consiousness capable of being registered but the mind/body relationship was considered bizzare. Another unique concept of their biology was the fact that they could will themselves to die; a change that was capable of being sensed by other Taelons. In this state, they had little energy to move and wisps of their energy were seen sparking from their form. (Episode: Live Free or Die) They also had names for aspects of their body such as the Ee'kee'haa pathway which was located in the center of their forms. Incisions in these locations allowed for genetic material such as neurons of humans to be administered into a Taelon's body which used them as a catalyst that was able to bring about devolution. (Episode: Pandora's Box) In addition, Companions were capable of rapidly sifting through data and analysing it within their minds. (Episode: The Once and Future World)The Taelons were androgynous in appearance and whilst referred to as a "he" or as a "she", such terms had no true meaning of them. (Episode: Decision) They were in fact asexual beings with no aspect of gender present within the race. (Episode: Boones Assassin) During the reproductive cycle of a Taelon which is known as the Ka'ath'am, a Taelon begins to have violent dream's as well has difficulty in holding their Human appearance. Furthermore, they suffered from erratic mood swings and energy "blushing" as well as felt weak at times. By their time on Earth, it was believed that the species was sterile and incapable of bearing offspring. (Episode: The Cloister) Young Taelon's embryo's were maintained within the Taelon Mothership where the ship's intelligence monitors over their development. In this state, they were at their most vulnerable with any stray radiation killing the unborn offspring. (Episode: Phantom Companion) Unknown to many, the Taelons had locked themselves in their quest to spiritual perfection to the point that they had lost the ability to truly reproduce. (Episode: Gauntlet) Whilst it was said that the race had become barren and sterile, this was only a half truth as some members of the species still procreated but there was a psychological factor that prevented this from occuring as they were blocked by the fear of their waning immortality. (Episode: Phantom Companion)  Taelon embryos.According to Da'an, the Taelon offspring gained full genetic knowledge of their parents and knew everything that they knew. (Episode: The First of its Kind) While not directly able to breed with Human's, the Taelon's were capable of creating Taelon-Human hybrid children. These offspring appeared entirely Human but possessed the shaqarava organ in their palms. (Episode: A Little Bit Of Heaven) However, despite all their attempts, all the Taelon-Human hybrids perished as Human biology resisted any attempts at a coupling between their kind and those of an alien species. (Episode: Art of War)A biological legacy that the species inherited from their genetic ancestor, the Kimera, was the organ known as the shaqarava. Whilst amongst the Kimera it was the essence and totality of their being, the Taelons were incapable of truly controlling it which necessitated them in forming the Commonality. Through the calming and peaceful influence of the Commonality, the Taelons were able to suppress the shaqarava's violent impulses. (Episode: A Stitch in Time) This was also the source of the split with the Jaridians as the Taelons lost their sense of emotions and became more alien as a result of the influence of the Commonality. (Episode: Gauntlet) Since that time, the shaqarava became a vestigial organ that had laid dormant within their biology and was incapable of being accessed through normal means. (Episode: Pandora's Box)  A Taelon-Human hybrid.It was possible through an experiment in controlled devolution which involved the implantation of neurons from a more aggressive species that allowed for a regression in the Taelon's anatomy. This allowed them to remanifest the shaqarava in their palms and allowed them to use the organs despite unnumbered generations of being suppressed. However, this also increased the aggression of the Taelon in question and led to them taking actions that were against the actions of their species. Some believed that such experiments were necessary in order to create a possible warrior caste among their race. Those Taelons that developed the ability to use the shaqarava were capable of firing powerful energy blasts from their palms as well as gained the capacity to travel at incredibly speeds far above that of a normal Human. This was in contrast to the slow movements and docile nature of normal Taelons. A single touch of the organ was capable of killing another being. (Episode: Pandora's Box)The Jaridians were genetic brethren of the Taelon race and were in fact at a time one species. (Episode: Gauntlet) Due to the close genetic link between them and the Jaridians, the two races were capable of merging with one another in order to restore the Atavus precursors which they thought was a way of solving their genetic problems. However, if done without artificial means, the process was unstable and after some time the merged being separated back into it's two genetic components. The Taelon is capable of surviving this merger but the Jaridian dies in the process. (Episode: The Summit) Furthermore, Humanity serves as a genetic link between the Taelon's and Jaridians. (Episode: Abduction)Furthermore, they were capable of injecting themselves with Human DNA which begin's a process of de-evolution and linking the individual to the person who's DNA was used. This turned the Taelon into a much more aggressive and violent creature capable of using it's shaqarava for destructive purposes. (Episode: Pandora's Box) Some Taelon's such as Da'an were of the opinion that they required an joining with the human race in an attempt to reclaim that which was lost to them in their drive to perfection. Such an act would result in the creation of a new species though other Taelon's such as Zo'or believed that such an action would devolve their race by a million years in their evolution. (Episode: The First of its Kind)Telepathy and Abilities  The Commonality.The Taelon's are linked through one another through their energy which binds them together and form's the basis of the Commonality. This was a psycho-dimensional web of shared energy which binded the species together with each individual Taelon appearing as a blue orb with strands connecting them together into a single matrix. When separated from this unifying telepathic presence, a Taelon begin's to regress and revert to an Atavus based form which hunger's for life spirit. (Episode: Atavus) The Commonality linked all Taelons together but it did not allow the race into every part of an individual members mind. The return of a severed Taelon into the Commonality was something beyond the means of the race and something that only the Kimera were capable of accomplishing. The same psychic web that linked the Taelons was also capable of being used to sense the Kimera. (Episode: A Stitch in Time) They were also capable of providing mental stimulus to a Human mind through a mind probe. (Episode: Street Chase) It was possible to replicate the signal of the Commonality which had a euphoric quality on the human mind. (Episode: Atavus) The replication of the signal involved the creation of subatomic particles. (Episode: Sleepers) When a Taelon died, their essence rejoined the Commonality itself. (Episode: Apparition) The process was never fully understood though it was known that the Taelons communicated with one another through some means by the use of a communal virtual plane. (Episode: Hearts and Minds)The unifying aspect of this telepathy meant that no Taelon was ever truly alone. (Episode: Miracle) Separation from it was noted as being both a liberating and terrifying aspect as a Companion would be alone with their thoughts. As such, it was often known that the Commonality was a great comfort to a Taelon as they knew they were never alone. (Episode: Defector) This spiritual nexus that linked all the consciousnesses of the species was capable of being ruptured through artificial means which potentially meant that the entire Taelon species could potentially devolve into proto-Atavus. The only remedy was through the draining of mental energy from sentient beings such as Humans who were used as a second temporary spiritual nexus in order to prevent such a de-evolution until the Commonality was restored. These subjects were left in a near death experience and had their psychokinetic energy siphoned by the Taelons as the sleepers were kept in a state where lived through their own version of heaven in their minds. If the tear in the Commonality was not found in time, these individuals would reach a state of permanent death where their souls departed their bodies and necessitated the replacement of the subjects with new sleepers. The length of time the individuals lasted depended on the mental and spiritual state of the sleeper with some lasting longer than others. (Episode: Sleepers)  Da'an briefly devolving into an Atavus due to separation from the Commonality.Whilst all Taelon's were linked to one another, it was possible for individuals to cut themselves off from it whenever they chose though few of them ever did such an act. (Episode: Wrath of Achilles) Amongst parents and children, Taelons were capable of reading the residual psychic signatures left behind at locations. Through simple touch, they were capable of witnessing events that occured in an area allowing them to see actions committed by their kin. (Episode: The First of its Kind) They were also capable of ascertaining the truthfulness of another being by placing their palm to the others. (Episode: Dimensions) Through the use of their energy and their own machinery, a Taelon was capable of transfering their essence into a Human body thus taking control of it as well as being subject to it's emotions. Once they returned to their own form, they were capable of sharing this experience with other's of their kind. (Episode: Through Your Eyes) Through their link to one another, Taelons were capable of experiencing the death of members of their kind which sent ripples through their consiousness even from distant planets. (Episode: The Secret of One Strand Hill)Though the Commonality was said to not be a locator and thus it was not possible for Taelons to track one another, this was only partly true. The basis of the it was a psychic link that brought together all Taelons and eventually it was possible for one Companion to track another. Furthermore, no Taelon was capable of willingly severing themselves from the Commonality. Whilst it was possible to sever the link, the danger there lied in the Taelon regressing into an Atavus. However, it was possible to sever the link and instead direct it to a Human who temporarily took the place of the Commonality allowing the Companion to remain in control of themselves. It was known that once within the presence of the Commonality, Taelons typically did not act against the wishes of the majority even though they might know that the majority were wrong. (Episode: Defector)Those Companions that had genetic material of Humans implanted into their bodies tended to form a psychic link with their donor allowing them to hear their thoughts. (Episode: Pandora's Box) One of the dangers that the Taelon's always believed was that the Commonality was capable of being infiltrated by external minds; such as those of psychic Humans which they thought were a great danger to their collective mind. (Episode: If You Could Read My Mind)Core Energy  The natural energy form of the Taelons.The Taelons were primarily composed of energy which was impervious to projectile weapons and even allowed physical objects such as hands to pass through portions of it such as their heads. (Episode: Law and Order) To the Taelons, energy was their biology and meant that when they touched something; they left a specific energy residue and signature behind. (Episode: The Cloister) Companions were a race that were primarily composed of energy which meant that there were typically no bodies left behind when they died. (Episode: The Secret of Strand Hill) Being energy based beings, a Taelon was capable of absorbing energy that was released allowing them to protect Human's from explosions that might kill them. (Episode: Inteview) Alternatively, a Taelon was capable of radiating this energy outwards in order to send opponents flying away from them if a Companion was angered. (Episode: Crackdown) Such a technique was able to be projected from their hands as well with blasts strong enough to render a human unconscious. (Episode: Hearts and Minds) Taelons that suffered an injuries were capable of "bleeding" their energy out but so long as they did not enter into a sub-atomic state, it was easily possible to reform the individual. (Episode: Keep Your Enemies Closer) They also typically bathed themselves in regular energy showers. (Episode: Dream Stalker) They possessed the technology to measure their own energy and determine their lifespan down to the minute. (Episode: Dark Matter)The energy that they were composed of was known as core energy and was considered the life force of their species with only a limited supply being available to their kind. (Episode: Sins of the Father) This same energy was able to spark life within other living beings but due to its limited supply, it was heavily regulated by the Synod. (Episode: First Breath) Similarly, it was able to even regenerate and heal fatal wounds such as burns, broken bones and other such injuries. (Episode: Phantom Companion) Being a vital lifeforce to their kind, Taelon core energy was similar to how blood was essential to a human being. It was a nuclear gravitational bond that had a unified field which was a Taelon's energy anatomy. A healthy Companions should possess a full purple aura and the dimmer the reading meant that their life force was close to nothing. Taelon living technology was based on the use of core energy and was able to serve as a catalyst to powering cold fusion generators. When suffering from severe energy depletion, Taelons entered into a hibernative state but a darker side of such times was the capacity to steal the core energy of their comrades in order to replenish their own in a vampiric fashion. (Episode: Limbo) Such a trait was considered taboo and stealing it had grave consequences for the Taelon involved. If they had stolen the energy from another species, it was grounds for removal from the Synod and killing fellow Taelons for the energy involved a punishment of execution. An energy audit was used to determine if the energy was foreign within the culprits body, however, such an action needed to be done quickly as the longer the time taken - the quicker that energy was imprinted by the suspects own energy signature. (Episode: Blood Ties)  A scan of a Companion's anatomy.A Taelon that lacked core energy entered into a crystalline state which was a form of death to their kind. However, this being the case, some Taelon's were able to willingly enter this form and return to their natural energy based selves in order to trick potential enemies. Few knew of this technique and during that time, the Taelon was able to hear anything in their surroundings. (Episode: The Forge of Creation) Dark matter also had a negative impact on the Taelon body which slowed time for them and forced them into a frozen state that resembled stasis. (Episode: Dark Matter) In a time when their core energy was too low to sustain their race, the Taelon's were capable of entering into a hibernative state known as Death Stasis which allowed them to survive for extended periods of time but meant that they were inactive. However, this state terrifies certain Taelons who are willing to steal another's core energy to avoid the stasis. If aborted, the Taelon's will then be incapable of re-entering this state which mean's unless they find the secret of core energy then they will die. (Episode: Epiphany)Taelon plasma was a valuable commodity in the medical field for its capacity to put people in stasis until a cure was developed. It was capable of lowering the high metabolic rate of a Jaridian/Human hybrid but constant use left a toxic trace in their bodies leading ultimately to death. (Episode: The Forge of Creation) The core energy had healing properties on the Human body allowing them to cure illnesses and were part of a short lived venture known as the Blood Ties project. This energy lingered within the body and was capable of being drained for reuse by the Taelon's themselves from the Human; a process which killed them. (Episode: Blood Ties) Similarly, this energy was capable of being gifted to another Jaridian or child in order to aid them through a birthing process. (Episode: The Forge of Creation) They were equally capable of stealing the core energy of their own kind in order to sustain themselves. (Episode: Limbo) A more fascinating feat was the capacity of certain Human's being able to spiritually commune with the Taelon's by modifying their energy to match that of the Taelons. This was done during special energy sharing ceremonies. (Episode: The Cloister) In fact, Taelons were able to leave a portion of their energy within other beings which was capable of being sensed by their technology thus allowing a portion of that Companion to remain even if the main body was incapacitated. (Episode: Dark Matter) Those touched by Taelon core energy proved to be incompatible for either feeding or joining by the Atavus. (Episode: The Seduction)Dark matter had an interesting effect on a Taelon's energy based anatomy as it dampened their energy flux to the point that whilst it was there, but it flowed at 0.0003 percent of its capacity. Any Companion suffering from such a state experienced life at a greatly reduced speed with one second seeming like an entire day to them. Dark matter was the only substance in the universe that had this type of effect on Taelon energy. It was of the anti-universe and worked by reversing Taelon polarity thus slowing time for any Companion within a certain radius. The time vibration itself was so immeasurable to the point that it appeared as if a Taelon was frozen in place. (Episode: Dark Matter)The death of a Taelon was considered quite a cold act and contrasted to the fiery combustions experienced by the Jaridians. (Episode: Summit) When a Companion died, their bodies simply dissipated and left nothing behind. (Episode: The Secret of Strand Hill) A Taelons death had been described as a frozen hell. (Episode: Dark Horizon)WeaknessesDue to their unique biology, amongst mankind it was not known initially if there was any way to kill a Taelon. (Episode: Live Free or Die) Whilst this was the case, the Taelons had in fact developed devices that were able to neutralize members of their own kind. (Episode: The Arrival)While they are an energy based creature, the Taelon's are subject to some diseases which included the ancient Pesh'tal plague of which at the time there was no cure until an anti-toxin was developed. Once infected, the individual in question entered into a coma-like state as they slowly died. Those Human's exposed to the virus are capable of being infected and suffer from psychotic episodes. Furthermore, the infected Taelon is eventually capable of releasing enough neutron energy to cover a 50 mile radius that will cause a plague of madness and turn humans into homicidal psychopaths within in minutes. Infected Taelons also suffered from amnesia and simply forgot that they were ill which was one of the reasons why the plague was never fully studied. (Episode: Sanctuary) Another virus was capable of cross infection and was able to kill both Taelon's and Humans. (Episode: Infection)Though their energy selves made them immune to physical attacks, it meant that they were vulnerable to creatures that devoured sources of energy and essentially fed off the Taelons. (Episode: Fissures) Similar to Human's, they were also vulnerable to affect's of a mini-teleportation device which transported a small explosive into the centre of their body which was capable of killing a Taelon. (Episode: Payback) Furthermore, their energy based form's proved to be quite vulnerable to an energy parasite that came from a crack in interdimensional space. (Episode: Fissures)One requirement of Taelon biology when entering alien environments such as Earth was the injestion of the compound known as Kryss. This was, however, addictive and an overdose resulted in the Taelon suffering from a toxic reaction causing them to fall unconscious. The addictive effects of Kryss consumption was a concept that had never previously been experienced by the Taelons. (Episode: The Sins Of The Father) The substance was a requirement by the Taelon's who grew the plant on Earth which in turn developed within the body's of Human's. Each of the fields produced three ounces of Kryss a day but by the time the substance was refined, there was only an ounce left at most. Such Taelon vegetation required 98 degrees farahenheit in order to complete its life cycle. (Episode: The Fields)The Jaridian's had technology capable of disrupting the Commonality with the only way of temporarily remedying the problem being taking the mental energy of human beings until the telepathic rupture was repaired. (Episode: Sleepers)PsychologyThe Taelon's lacked emotions and instead prefered the hive mind-like quality of the Commonality. (Episode: Gaunlet) It was believed by some that this was because they were afraid to face their own thoughts alone. (Episode: Wrath of Achilles) The primary imperative of the Companions was the welfare of their collective sentience and not the survival of a single individual. (Episode: Live Free or Die) Some, however, felt that certain emotions were capable of giving them the need to survive despite challenges facing them. They were capable of injesting these essences when crystallized in a form of Taelon energy. (Episode: Essence) In regards to grief, the Taelons had no fear in passing on to the next level. (Episode: Decision) Infact, they did not fear death as Humans did as long as it served their people. If it did so, than a Taelon would gladly embrace death and allow themselves to die. Whilst all Taelons were taught this, they did experience fear in the final moments before their life expired. (Episode: Live Free or Die)This species lacked many of the emotions seen in races such as humanity with some believing that they had lost their survival instinct in the process. Emotins such as fear or love were completely alien to the Taelon mind. Such a loss was not always the case as it had only been a few millennia ago when the Taelons did possess such emotions and traits. This eventually led them to consider looking to the past for what they had lost in their quest for perfection. (Episode: Essence) They believed that the Human instinct for survival and their emotion's would serve as a potent tool for the Taelon race in their war against the Jaridians. (Episode: Through Your Eyes) Others held the opinion that they needed to instill such survival instincts and violent emotions within themselves in order to combat their foes. (Episode: Through Your Eyes) Despite this being the case, they did feel that Human's wanted to evolve a type of unity that the Taelon's possessed through the Commonality. (Episode: Deja Vu) Some among the Companions did feel that Humanity were not a challenge and thus not worthy adversaries to them. (Episode: Resurrection) They also felt that they were so far down the evolutionary ladder that a "joining" of the species was not possible and risked the Taelons devolving by a million years in their evolution. (Episode: First of its Kind)Taelon emotions were hidden deep under many layers of their being and had been suppressed during their evolution. It was, however, possible to awaken these ancient desires through experimentation by linking a Companion consciousness to a Humans. (Episode: Pandora's Box) In fact, in some cases, it was possible to see the emotions within the eyes of certain Taelons who held particular hate for another of their kind. (Episode: Defector) One notable aspect of their mind that was similar to Humans was the capacity to dream. (Episode: The Cloister) The Companions found waging war against one's own species as a seemingly foreign concept to them. When questioned on their conflict with the Jaridians, the Taelons claimed that their foes kept within them the "demon of violence" which the Companions had removed from their species long ago. (Episode: Scorched Earth)The Companions after their arrival on Earth intended to use Humanity for their own needs, not only as a means of survival but as a tool against the Jaridians. Whilst they were able to coerce mankind, the process would have been time consuming and graceless. Alternatively, though they could have bioengineered the human race, such a solution was only partly effective. Instead, the Taelons sought to understand their deepest thoughts and desires first before tapping into them as a way of using them as a tools for subjugation and contorl. (Episode: Deja Vu) Though the majority of the Companions believed in bio-engineering other races to fight their war against the Jaridians, there was a small minority that felt that this was wrong and resisted such actions. (Episode: Defector) As the conflict with their enemies grow, the Taelons became increasingly factionalized amongst themselves with many choosing different allegiances despite the shared psychic link of the Commonality. (Episode: Message in a Bottle) Despite this being the case, certain Taelons were deeply loyal to their own kind and felt any attack against one Companion was an attack on the Commonality itself. (Episode: Crackdown)In regards to their enemies, Taelons were said to make a simple calculation where the greater good was best served by letting their enemy perish. (Episode: Keep Your Enemies Closer) Whilst Companions were said to be unable to kill one another, it was possible for them to rationalize their actions to allow such an event to occur. Though this was the case, direct violence was impossible for their kind but death by proxy was permitted. (Episode: Timebomb) Crimes against their own kind such as killing a fellow Companion was a crime punishable by death. (Episode: Limbo) Furthermore, the fear of their imminent demise had such a tremendous impact on the racial psyche that those capable of procreating were mentally unable to do so due to their waning immortality. (Episode: Phantom Companion)Though they were highly advanced, one field of study that was beyond the Taelon's rigid way of thinking was Chaos theory. (Episode: Abduction) It was said that they loved to take things slow and did not like change. (Episode: First Breath)Society Government  The Synod assembled together on the Mothership.The ruling body within the Taelon race was the Synod with a central leader who directed the actions of their race. (Episode: Decision) This body consisted of up to thirteen members. (Episode: Keep Your Enemies Closer) All members of this body were allowed the right to inspect scientific projects being conducted. (Episode: Moonscape) In regards to failed public experiments, the Synod often ordered for "isolation" procedures to commence; this involved the removal of the subject in the public relations exercises and covered up the failure of the experiment. (Episode: Miracle) They also had an edict which prevented human technicians from examining captive Jaridians in order to prevent mankind from identifying with the Taelons enemy. (Episode: Gauntlet) Another edict from the Synod was a ban that prevented Humanity from entering into space as they wished to control the species and thus giving them the freedom to explore was seen as being counterproductive to that goal. (Episode: Horion Zero) Within the Synod resides the position of War Minister which was an important political role alongside the First Minister and Second Minister. (Episode: Keep Your Enemies Closer) A further position was that of Minister of Truth. (Episode: Dark Horizon)If a leader of the Taelons was found guilty of breaking their laws, than the Synod was capable of being convened to determine whether the individual should be stripped of their position. (Episode: Gauntlet) This was done so through a Vote of No Confidence and was able of appointing an acting leader in times of crisis. (Episode: Sanctuary) Though there were power struggles, a coup de tat was unprecedented in Taelon history. (Episode: Dark Matter) Certain pieces of information such as the codes for deep stasis were so carefully guarded that the Synod was able to remove their leaders from power if they decided to hand out such data. (Episode: Trapped by Time) Typically, only Taelons were allowed to sit on the Synod and opposed the appointment of any other race to sit on that body. However, it was known that in some cases, it was possible to place an adviser to serve on the Synod without being a member. (Episode: Subterfuge)Whilst the Companions were said to possess no means of dictating public policy, they were noted initially quite popular with the voters and thus many world leaders did not dare oppose them on their decisions. (Episode: Horizon Zero) This meant that any Human leader who had the support of the Synod was nearly guaranteed to win in the political elections. (Episode: Isabel) They also declared in some cases for the experimentation of humans in order to explore their own past by inducing controlled devolution. Its noted by some that since the creation of this body at a time before memory, no Taelon had ever taken the life of fellow Taelon. (Episode: Pandora's Box) Members of the Synod also had the right to take steps to ensure their technology did not fall into the hands of their enemies. (Episode: Hijacked) It was said by some of its members that leadership decisions that engulfed the Taelon race were not subject to the petty infighting that were typically seen in human politics. (Episode: Abduction)During their time on Earth, the Taelons were known to had possessed hundreds of colonies throughout space. (Episode: Defector) However, it was known that the Jaridian empire was in fact much larger and it was clear that they were winning the war. (Episode: Hijacked) Only the Synod possessed the codes needed for deep stasis technology. (Episode: Trapped by Time)Culture  A display of the Taelon language.The Taelons possessed their own language which was also known as Taelon. (Episode: The Scarecrow Returns) At one time, their existed an ancient form of the language with this proto-form given birth to the modern Taelon tongue. (Episode: Apparition) As of their time on Earth, there was no known Human being who was capable of speaking the Taelon language. (Episode: Avatar) There had been attempts by the Australian Companion who had implanted the knowledge within an aborigine's mind at their request to chronicle the Taelon's time on Earth in their own tongue but the attempt had failed. Even CVI enhanced minds were typically unable to accomplish such a feat though in the case of James Pike, he had managed to speak as well as write the Taelon language without any mentoring. When William Boone requested to be taught, it was noted that he had remarkably managed to learn the language where others had failed. To read the language, a reader had to avoid the inclination to read the text in a left to right linear fashion. There were no grammatical rules in reading Taelon when compared to Earth languages; this was because the Taelons felt what they read. The feeling allowed them to see and understand the words. As such, the Taelon language and ability to read it was more experiencial rather than being visual; this meant readers had to feel the spirit of the text they were reading. (Episode: The Scarecrow Returns) Taelon language consisted of a number of ancient dialects. (Episode: The Secret of Strand Hill) There was also some similarity to their language to that of the Jaridians own language which seemed as a separate dialect of the Taelons. (Episode: The Scarecrow Returns)The species were noted to possess a unity of being through their society and were divided into a number of castes. These were functional castes which included burueacrats, diplomats, artists but there was never a warrior caste. (Episode: Pandora's Box) A badge of office amongst certain Taelons was a sash which indicated the wearers position as warlord amongst their kind. (Episode: Limbo) A highly valued position amongst their ranks was held by those who took on the title of healers which were known as loo'huah. (Episode: Sanctuary) A Companion typically had a number of human agents working for them which were typically given a variety of bioengineered devices to improve their effectiveness as well as ensure their loyalty. Such individuals were often referred to as Implants by the Taelons who served as extensions of their will. (Episode: Horizion Zero)  A Taelon energy sharing ritual conducted on a Human.The Taelons possessed fire on their own world but unlike Humanity, they did not use it for the preparation of food. They did not even use it for heating purposes as they had more sophisticated methods for generating the temperatures for their own comfort. Instead, they only used fire for the ectastic pleasure it gave them. They also had the ability to direct their energy to a specific part of the body as part of an energy sharing ritual. Such gestures were only shared to specific individuals as everything that defined that individual Taelon was felt during the ritual. This included their feelings and emotions which were directed through the hands with the palm facing the palm of another that was a deep personal experience between the two individuals. Humans when facing this experience had a near ectastic quality to the ritual. (Episode: Wrath of Achilles)According to the Companions, no Taelon had ever taken the life of another since the creation of the Synod. (Episode: Pandora's Box) In fact, according to some, it was said that the Taelons did not casually kill one another like Humans did so. (Episode: Payback) Despite this being the case, it was known that there were power struggles and political divisions amongst the Taelon Synod. (Episode: Subterfurge) However, it was known that some made use of hidden means of killing off other Companions. Furthermore, the rules regarding the taking of another Taelon life did not apply if the Companion in question devolved into an Atavus. (Episode: Defector) Another taboo amongst the Taelons was the measuring of anothers life force. (Episode: Summit) This culminated in the highest taboo being energy cannibalism. The crime of simply stealing energy from other lifeforms such as humans was grounds for removal from the Synod itself but the stealing of the energy of another Taelon was a ground for execution. Taelons made use of energy audits to determine the power levels of their fellows and determine if they had stolen any energy. (Episode: Blood Ties)It was generally believed that the strength of the Taelons lied in a common purpose which was the core of the Commonality. Despite this being the case, some felt that the greatest weakness of their race was the Commonality and that it needed to be destroyed. Such thoughts were considered blasphemy though those that supported the idea of individuality believed that this act only strengthened the Taelons as a whole. These detractors held that the Commonality was a grave weakness amongst their kind and was the reason why they were being defeated by the Jaridians as their foes were individuals. (Episode: Subterfuge)The race had a spiritual qualtiy to their being and had a tangible connection to their spirits through the Commonality. (Episode: Apparition) Though they were quite alien to humanity, the Taelons shared one thing that could be enjoyed as well as appreciated by mankind which was music. (Episode: Old Flame) However, some they differed in was the fact that Taelons considered money and profit to be blasphemy. This stemmed from the fact that they believed that an advanced species should not place any value in such mundane as well as primitive concepts such as attaining power through wealth. Despite this being the case, in their distant past, it was known that they practiced such concepts. Thus, any Companion involved in such an act was banished from the Commonality where they lived a ghostly existence as haunted individuals due to the exile and also lived a purgatory existence of being tormented "souls". Interestingly, the same symbol used by humanity for gold was the same used by the ancient Taelons for wealth. (Episode: Apparition)  A musician playing a Taelon instrument.Taelons made active use of meditations and typically did not wish to be disturbed unless the matter was urgent. (Episode: Subterfuge) They also possessed a meditative rite known as the Sum'had which was a near-death state that the Taelons were capable of inducing in themselves. In this state, their energy levels decreased and the emissions did not attract creatures that hungered for energy. A Companion was not cogniscent whilst in this state and it was roughly compared to Human unconsciousness. (Episode: Fissures)The Taelons possessed their own rites, rituals and games which included:Ka'ar'paaj : This was a sacred meditative cleansing rite typically conducted on the untamed areas of the Taelon homeworld. It involved the Companion journeying through these regions with the most important part being the process of observing the alignment of the three moons of the homeworld. If it was not possible to conduct the trial on their home planet, it was possible to use an artificial setup that was capable of being created through a virtual reality simulator. Despite it being an important and sacred rite, few modern Taelons engaged in such practices. However, some felt more compelled to engage in this act as they believed it to be a rite for self examination. (Episode: Defector)Pad'Ar : In ancient times, it was used to decide disputes instead of involve themselves in devastating wars among the species. A relic of Pad'ar was first crafted before humans learnt to walk upright. Da'an's ancestral line was noted as being keepers of this artifact. The orb in the centre was called Kaa'thos which symbolized the homeworld. The rings around the artifact were called Ma'ee which translated to mean the "arcs of life" whilst the staffs were known as Vee'os which represented the link to the next stage of existence. During its early use, Pad'Ar became a brutal aspect of Taelon culture with many members of the species dying during its usage but eventually it evolved into a sacred rite. After their arrival on Earth, mankind adopted a sport that was named after this Taelon rite. (Episode: Pad'Ar)Foovlasha : A common game played amongst the Taelons which required the placement of pieces on the system to complete a special circuit. There were varying levels of difficulty and those who held the title of a lasha master were capable of beating skilled Taelons in the game. (Episode: The First of its Kind) While they are considered a peaceful people, the Taelon race did possess some barbaric ritual's from their past. One of which includes the P'raj'rath which was a duel to the death. It involved the use of a game board called a Foovlashaa which was played to the extreme. The player's must channel their mental energy across the entire game util the other tries out and expand's their power on their last move after which they cease to exist. (Episode: Time Bomb)Hjarth'ra : this rite was used in regards to the Companion stance over the acquisition of profit as well as money laundering. Such acts were considered blasphemy and those Taelons caught committing such an offense suffered from banishment or exile from the Commonality that was similar to purgatory where they "damned" found no rest. When done, the Taelon can exist as a manevolent ghost that attempts to seek it's vengeance. To banish this creature, this ritual must be performed to exorcise the Taelon entirely from the Commonality for eterntiy. However, those that find a measure of redemption are cleansed and can move on in peace. (Episode: Appartition)Yiit'mai : a sentence rather then an actual rite, it was a punishment given to Taelon criminals who were charged with stealing the core energy of another member of their kind. The suspects energy was particlized and dispersed throughout the universe. This act did not kill the Taelon in question as their essence remained since execution would make the Taelons as guilty as the criminal. However, the suspects form was forever altered. (Episode: Blood Ties)Another Taelon rite that had no name was similar to the concept of Human triage. It involved the energy forms of the Taelons merging with one another where they grouped their consciousness and their energy. Once joined, the Commonality of over four hundred could live on in the body of six. (Episode: The Point of No Return)Though they were separated from Earth by millions of light years, there were some fables that were similar to their Human based counterparts in the Taelon legends. One such story was the equivalent of Earth's story of the tortoise and the hare. In the Taelon version, the ever dependable Ma'lee defeated the gifted but less disciplined La'shaa. (Episode: The Scarecrow Returns) Another story was similar to the Human story of the Roman soldier Horatio who had fought an army at a bridge. Within the Taelon equivalent, the Companion was known as Quo'ee between the Cliffs. (Episode: Heroes and Heartbreak)Amongst the species was an ancient tale of two twins known as Urath'ma and Shaqarava. At one point according to the mythology, an omen came in the sky and the two argued over its meaning. During the argument, it was Urath'ma who casted his brother into the void but it does not consume Shaqarava; through anquish and denial he emerged with the fury of truth. This burnt away all the illusions of Urath'ma who became known as the voice of all lies. In general, the Taelons feared a figure within their mythology known as the Sleeper. (Episode: Avatar) One figure within their beliefs that was considered a mythic being was Ramaz who was an ancient Avatus that was the closest approximation to the Devil within Taelon legends. (Episode: Summit)A noted fable amongst the species was the story of the great Taelon leader Po'om which spoke of his servant coming to his master after death had smiled at him in the market place. The servant believed that this meant that his demise was approaching and being certain of this, he asked his master to be transferred to the Ge'rom outpost. Po'om agreed to this and later met with death in the market place and asked it why it had smiled at his servant. Death replied stating that it was surprised to see the servant as it had an appointment within him at the Ge'rom outpost. Thus, Taelons believed that the future could be altered but only if fate allowed it to happen. This was because the Taelons never tempted fate which was why they had banned travel in the fourth dimension namely time travel itself. (Episode: A Stitch in Time)The Taelons also possessed an ancient threat that concerned an entity known as the "Sleeper". (Episode: Avatar) Typically, it was said that "the Sleeper comes, embrace the void" which was considered a dire omen. Their beliefs stated that the "Sleeper" dreamt oblivion onto its enemies leading to their destruction. (Episode: Pandora's Box)TacticsThe Taelon's attempted to foster better relation's with the Human race and decided to give them access to their interdimensional portal technology. Through the Portal Project, they planned on allowing for a high level of travel for Human's around the world through various Portal Stations. This was also used as a way of secretly conducting experiment's and genetic tests on Human's who were transported into a secret facility where they were in stasis before returning them to their destination. (Episode: Through The Looking Glass) They also attempted a limb restoration project on Humans as part of a public relations exercise where they regrew lost body parts. (Episode: Miracle)Another method through which they manipulated Humanity was through negative violent event's that they orchestrate in order to cause Mankind to stop certain developments. This was seen in their enhancement of weaponry that could destory Virtual Glass in order to stop Humanity from further developing the technology. (Episode: Moonscape)Under Zo'or's leadership, there were attempts at acquiring the combined riches of the human race in order to simply appeal to their greed and "buy" out mankind. (Episode: Apparition) Before they revealed themselves to humanity, the Taelons were known to had abducted humans and placed opposite sexes amongst one another in order to study as well as observe human sexuality. (Episode: First Breath) Some among the Taelon's believed in terraforming the planet Earth into a replica of the Taelon homeworld though the act would destroy the Human race. (Episode: Subterfuge) The Taelons ultimate plan was to defeat the Jaridians and to leave the planet Earth fille with their "offspring" thus ensuring their legacy as a species. (Episode: Limbo)At one point, the race believed that in order to combat their foes they required a return of emotion's and aggression. Thus, an experiment was sponsored to create a type of cross species warrior caste which would be injected with Human DNA to begin the de-evolution of the Taelon to a much more aggressive state. (Episode: Pandora's Box) Other attempt's included bio-engineering experiments on certain Human's into a partially energy based state for the Inter-dimensional Flight Training Program in order for them to better withstand the rigors of space travel. (Episode: Live Free Or Die)Humanity was seen by some Taelon's as a tool to fight their foes the Jaridians. This initially took the form of a secret programme which took those on death row to the mothership where they were given a series of implants and tasked with fighting one another to develop their bioenhancements. These metahumans were prepped both in mind and body in order to combat the horrors of fighting another alien species. Shortly after arrivsl, all volunteers were subjected to aggressive gene therapy which stimulated the limbic centers of the subjects brains in an attempt to rouse their aggressive instincts. During field test experiments, subjects were forced to fight one another and their visual centers were altered to make them see that they were fighting their mortal enemy the Jaridians. (Episode: Moonscape) As such, they developed the Taelon Volunteer Program which attracted teenagers who became militaristic stormtroopers for the Taelon race. These soldiers were then sent through an Interdimensional portal to fight the Jaridian's in another galaxy. (Episode: Volunteers) The Taelon's were noted to had adopted a policy of aggressive engagements against the Jaridians. (Episode: Heroes and Heartbreak)The Synod believed that Humanity should not interact or encounter the Jaridians as they might see something of themselves in their mortal enemy and thus be sympathetic to their cause. (Episode: Gauntlet)There were a number of tactics as well as programs initiated by the Taelons during their tenure on Earth which include:Bio-engineering - the Companions had a history of finding numerous species and genetically modifying them to serve as soldiers, weapons and other similar abilities for use in their war against the Jaridians.Skrills - though once a sentient living race, the Taelons were responsible for subjugating them and transforming them into living weapon implants for their soldiers. (Episode: Scorpion's Dream)Interdimensional Flight Programme - created at some point early during the Taelon's arrival on Earth and made with the approval of the US military. It was designed with taking human soldier volunteers and genetically modify them with the intention of them to survive the rigours of interdimensional flight. This left the subjects with malleable skin and partially energy based bodies. (Episode: Live Free or Die)Controlled Devolution - the Companions never possessed a warrior caste and thus relied on other races to fight their wars. The Synod had at one point authorized the creation of an experiment in devolution which involved the soldier Johnson and the scientist Rho'ha. By the implantation of human genetic material into a Taelon, they successfully brought about the remanifestation of the shaqarava in Rho'ha but the Companion went rogue due to his mindlink with Johnson leading to the end of the project. (Episode: Pandora's Box)Warriors - in order to combat the Jaridians, the Taelons were involved in numerous attempts at enhancing the human race to turn it into a weapon to fight their enemies. Thus, for a time, they took numerous humans on death row to the mothership where they were given numerous warrior implants designed to enhance aggression, capabilities and to fixate them into hating their enemies. One of the successful subjects of this project was Lazarus before he turned against Zo'or. (Episode: Moonscape)Hybridization - an early secret project pioneered by Da'an which involved ID portals to genetic manipulate humans in order to create a Taelon/Human hybrid. Such offspring were believed to develop attributes that would enable the Taelons to defend and truimph against the coming Jaridian invasion. Initially, it was perceived as a failure but later manifested once more years later. (Episode: A Little Bit of Heaven)Terraforming - some Taelon's such as War Minister T'than believed that all their kind should be relocated to the planet Earth whereupon it should be terraformed into a fascimile of the Taelon homeworld. This act would also wipe out the native human inhabitants of the world. (Episode: Subterfuge) Improvements - though highly advanced, the Taelons were involved with improving their own technology.Virtual Glass - the Companions gave the secrets of their virtual glass technology to Russian scientists as part of research in further enhancing this item of their technology. (Episode: Moonscape)Forge - a project created by Da'an which was to be the first as well as last line of defense for Earth in wake of the Jaridian invasion. It was primarily overseen by Human scientists who sought to create a means of projecting magma from the Earth's molten core into a weapon that was propelled through ID space at the Jaridian armada. The project was shut down in light of the fact that an interdimensional doorway was formed by the weapon allowing for the Jaridians to nearly reach Earth. (Episode: Heroes and Heartbreak) Public Relations - these were programs designed to better the Companion's public image to the Human race.Earth-Taelon Accords - at some unknown point, the Taelons signed a treaty with the inhabitants of Earth which prevented the theft of Companion technology with any such sales being considered illegal. However, despite this being the case, certain nations such as the Free Republic of Rostok did not recognize the Accord. (Episode: The Arrival)Co-ventures Project - the Companions were involved in a number of programs that had the Taelons sharing their technology with that of more primitive races such as Humanity. They typically did this through business entities such as Doors International. (Episode: Scorched Earth) This tactic was so effective that most inhabitants of worlds such as Earth were more concerned with getting the latest in Taelon hardware in their equipment which further solidified the Companions control over the target world. (Episode: The Vanished)Limb Restoration Program - suggested by Da'an and approved by the Synod, this project was designed with the intention of applying Taelon advanced genetics technology in regrowing lost Human limbs. The first test subject was Julie Payton but she later faced degeneration within her hands but despite this she supported other Humans joining the limb restoration program. (Episode: Miracle)Second Chances - a secret project created by Zo'or and developed by numouerous business groups on Earth. It was designed to give a veritable "fountain of youth" to elderly humans by transforming subjects into energy and reformed into a younger body. A secret aim of this programme was also the implantation of programming within the human brain during the process which rewrote their memories as well as made them loyal to the Taelons. (Episode: Second Chances)Mneme - this Earth-Taelon project was designed to tap into the minds of human beings and provide mankind with the means to relive their most cherished memories. It was a program that was initially headed by Da'an with the intention of creating a type of Commonality amongst humans but was later commandeered by Zo'or. A black market operation began which involved the selling of powerful memories amongst junkies. (Episode: Deja Vu)Bio-Surrogates - a project created by Da'an with the intention of helping the disabled through a melding of Human, Taelon and Jaridian technology. It was designed with the intention of transfering the mind of a disabled person into a genetically grown body through Jaridian virtual programming. Zo'or later tampered with the project in order to create supersoldiers whose minds would be inhabited by Earth soldiers for use against the Jaridians. (Episode: One Man's Castle)Taelon Interactive Database - a multimedia system that compiled Taelon knowledge of the universe and contained data on ovr one thousand species, the database was aimed with children in mind and was designed to better educate the inhabitants of Earth about other forms of life. It was authorized by the Taelon Synod with a team of Human scientists and sociologists present. (Episode: Through Your Eyes)Controlled Weaponry - by use of weapons to crack through Virtual Glass, the Taelons intended to control the use of specific weaponry on the planet Earth. (Episode: Through Your Eyes) Agents - the Companions had a history of using and developing the human race to suit their own motivations.Drones - these are human beings who were heavily bio-engineered and possessed large number of implants throughout their bodies. Unlike the Volunteers, the drones lacked any free will and simply followed whoever was in charge without hesitation. (Episode: Dark Matter)Protectors - after arriving on Earth, the Taelons began to recruit certain Humans to serve as their personal bodyguards who took on the title of Protectors. These individuals were given CVI implants to not only improve their performance but to ensure the loyalty of these agents. (Episode: Decision) Their existed a basic set of physical and psychological criteria that needed to be met when choosing a Protector. Whereupon, each Taelon needed to personally choose the individual in question. (Episode: Subterfuge)Volunteer Program - this was created by Da'an in an effort to help the youths amongst the Human race who were neglected by their parents. The program was designed to impart discipline and training to the young humans allowing them to defend their world if it came down to it. They were initially given implants but only with the subjects consent and so long as they demonstrated the capacity to master them. Zo'or later used the program as a means of creating his own shock troopers for use against the Jaridians. (Episode: Volunteers)Pad'Ar Warriors - a programme initiated by Zo'or with the intention of creating supersoldiers by making elderly humans into younger more fitter forms through the transference of consciousness into an android body. The subjects were demonstrated through a sports event and attracted the interests of the United States Army and the CIA; both of whom saw the art as a potent means of hand-to-hand combat as well as the development of a supersoldier. This process was noted as being an improved version of the earlier Bio-Surrogates. (Episode: Pad'Ar)Technology General  Taelon technology being used to create a cathedral in a matter of moments.The technology of the Taelons was primarily organic in nature and were capable of growing entire buildings to suit their needs (Episode: Miracle) This was accomplished by the use of Bio-slurry which was used in the construction process and this living subtance required the use of power without which the compound would eventually die off. (Episode: The Once and Future World) Whilst this was the case, Taelon construction material was alive it the sense that it had no computers but cellular memory and was capable of repairing any damage to other cells of the construct. (Episode: Time Bombs) As such, it was known that their structures such as their embassies were actually living creatures. It was known that failing Taelon systems tended to send a distress signal to other all Companion facilities in an effort to gain assistance. The facilities also possessed their own internal defense system capable of firing numerous energy blasts at intruders that it saw as "intruding aliens". The central processor was the primary control system of living structures with a direct route to them being through arterial conduits that were not designed for Humans. Their computer programming also had their own programming but it was possible to design a virus to bypass this filter system. Despite the difference in technology, it was possible to infect these devices with a computer virus. These structures possessed their own central processors which were capable of infecting further Companion facilities with any corrupt viral program. One of the dangers of this attack was that the living systems of the Taelons were capable of mutating the virus leaving any counter virus in effective. Similar to most living creatures, the living structures had their own immune system which sent massive bursts of energy to purge itself of infection through the conduits. (Episode: Wrath of Achilles) Their embassies were incapable of defending themselves from ships in interdimensional space but if forced into real space, the automatic systems of these living buildings came into effect. They were able to seal themselves into a near impenetrable skin and able to fire numerous energy bolts at enemy vessels. These capabilities made the embassies veritable fortresses for the Taelons. (Episode: Friendly Fire) Taelon Embassies were durable enough to withstand the devastating effects of a Quantum Vortex but this left only the spine of the structure left with the interior being completely destroyed. (Episode: Scorched Earth)  The central processor of a Taelon embassy.One of the noted development's of the race was the creation of Virtual Glass a near transparent substance that was immune to Human weapon's. It was highly durable despite its fragile appearance and apparently did not require to be cleaned. (Episode: Truth) Despite its advanced nature, the Taelons were not above employing Human scientists to help further perfect the technology which involved data on the virtual glass matrix. Whilst it was said to be indestructible, through a specific sequence it was capable of cracking the glass. (Episode: Moonscape) Without adequate power, the Virtual Glass would eventually dissolve and die off. (Episode: The Once and Future World) Virtual Glass was noted to be impervious to all but a few weapons; such forms of weaponry were carefully guarded by the Taelons. However, the development of the Hammerlin CD-57 Pulse Gun with a transducer resulted in the first weapon capable of breaking through virtual glass. (Episode: Through Your Eyes)The Taelons's were quite adept in the use of deep stasis technology the protocols of which were only known to the Synod itself as a carefully guarded secret. (Episode: Trapped in Time) It was in fact their most sacred and closest guarded secret. (Episode: Epiphany) Another notable piece of technology available to them was in the field of holograms which allowed them to create realistic models of environments such as their lost homeworld. (Episode: Subterfuge) They used this same technology as part of holographic training exercises for their Volunteer corps. (Episode: Sins of the Father) Furthermore, they were also capable of developing advanced artificial intelligence programs such as Control that was installed in One Taelon Avenue. (Episode: One Taelon Avenue) The Taelons employed robotic satellites as tools for surveillance and for remote portal activations. Their computer technology was organic in nature and thus data storage devices could be cloned. Personal computers had a storage capacity of more than a zegabyte. Mental symbiosis was used to regenerate any damaged data pods. (Episode: Summit) The most sensitive of information was stored in cellular light data with Human CVIs not being able designed to read it. (Episode: Trapped by Time)  The artificial intelligence known as Control at One Taelon Avenue.In terms of energy generation, the Taelon mothership made use of fusion reactors as an power source. (Episode: Crackdown) In addition, they possessed portable cold fusion generators that were able to be carried by hand that generated 7 million dymes of energy which were convertible to any known power source. These allowed for the powering of Portals and provided them with the necessary energy to create intergalactic doorways. If detonated, these power sources had the destructive potential of nearly four hundred megatons. (Episode: Summit) Another power source was an interdimensional generator. (Episode: Keys to the Kingdom)Taelon science meant that they were able to create complex codes as tests that were encrypted in a nine dimensional matrix. (Episode: Dark Matter) A more mundane aspect of their technology was pressure fusion techniques that was able to create perfect emeralds though the Taelons did not think much of in this process. (Episode: Essence)Weapons and DefensesTechnologically, the Taelons were quite advanced and possessed not only shields but countermeasures as well that protec them from attacks from nuclear weapons. In terms of offensive firepower, they possessed a Taelon energy cannon designed to attack enemy vessels or targets. (Episode: The Arrival) They were also able to create modified versions into rifle based versions for their Volunteer forces with a single blast of such weapons being capable of disintegrating targets. (Episode Crackdown) According to Da'an, the species did not make use of weapons except those designed to disable those of their enemies. One noted ability was an information warfare weapon similar to an electromagnetic pulse designed to shut down technology. (Episode: Better The Devil You Know) The Taelon Mothership had proton missiles as part of its armaments. (Episode: Atonement) They also possessed a form of particle based weaponry. (Episode: Second Wave) Weapons from the Taelon Mothership was able to create powerful tidal waves in planetary environments that had the capacity to wipe out entire islands within a ten minute timeframe. (Episode: Limbo)A notably powerful weapon within the Companion's arsenal was the Forge Project which was considered primarily a defensive weapon. It was the combination of a long range weapon emplacement and made use of interdimensional technology which gave it the capacity to easily strike targets that were within 75 light years radius. Initially, Forge had never been fully tested as its use was only contemplated as being a weapon of last resort. Essentially, it was a massive cannon that was capable of propelling a cubic mile of molten magma to a hundred light year radius with accuracy. A problem with the project was that the intense energy created an instability in the interdimensional field that sometimes led to the creation of a latency shard which infected organic beings and dropped them into an interdimensal tear. Furthermore, another problem was that it was possible that the anomaly could travel down into the planet's core where it could become self sustaining thus leading to the creation of a black hole in the center of the world. (Episode: Heroes and Heartbreak)Another weapon in their arsenal was the deadly Quantum Vortex weapon that was capable of mass destruction on a planet which was capable of killing thousand's of people. Such a weapon of mass destruction was even capable of destroying a Taelon mothership which, if close proximity to the Earth, would have led to the wiping out of a good proportion of the Eastern seaboard of the United States. Such an act thus had the potential of killing over 30 million people. (Episode: Scorched Earth) A more devastating weapon was capable of harnessing the molten magma of a planet and projecting it through inter-dimensional space to strike distant targets as seen in the Forge Project. However, this weapon resulted in tear's occuring in the fabric of space and created a stable wormhole connecting the two locations (Episode: The Forge)In terms of personnel weapons, it was known that amongst their Volunteer forces - the Taelons tended to equip these shocktroopers with energy rifles. (Episode: Volunteers) Such rifles were designated M-31 Neutron Guns. (Episode: Apparition) Another weapon developed were Proton Scatter Guns which were used by shock troopers. (Episode: Summit) Volunteer forces made use of an energy vortex as a sophisticated containment device which appeared as a beam of blue energy that surrounded individuals. Those within these pillars of light could not breath or move which allowed law enforcenment forces to capture targets though this technique was one of last resort. (Episode: Keys to the Kingdom)For defenses, they possessed not only shield technology but nuclear suppressors designed to prevent a nuclear meltdown. (Episode: Summit)Genetic EngineeringThe genetic technology of the Taelon's was quite advanced in some fields such as being quite developed in bio-mimickery allowing for restoration of humans who have suffered great injuries. (Episode: Dream Stalker) Thus, they were capable of restoring fertility in Human women through a regeneration lattice. (Episode: Lost Generation) Similarly, they were able to reverse the damage done by nuclear contamination. Their technology was also capable of creating synthesized Human tissue merged with Taelon energy aura which was used to create a surrogate mother that was both human and Taelon. These automated surrogacy systems were also able to forcibly mature organic offspring within them to adulthood. (Episode: A Little Bit of Heaven) They also had the capacity to induce regeneration allowing for limbs to be grown for Human's though the process was not perfect and in time brought about the slow degeneration of the regrown organs. (Episode: Miracle) They were also quite capable of gene-engineering individuals with bioenhancements who were given various implants to improve their warrior nature. Furthermore, they had the capacity of transplanting the minds of individuals into other bodies whilst the original was kept in stasis. (Episode: Moonscape) In an effort at combating their reproductive issues, the Taelons had conducted a number of eugenic tests on both their own species and the Jaridians. This act proved that cross breeding would not repair the damage to both races. (Episode: The Forge of Creation) The Taelsons demonstrated the ability to create clones of individuals though it was not entirely certain whether they could create fully functional beings. (Episode: First Breath) In regards to memory technology, they also developed Mneme which was a joint project with humanity designed to allow mankind to experience their most treasured memories. It worked by stimulating the long term potentiation centre where memories were stored. As such, thought along with both memory and emotion were manipulating by controlling the brains electro-chemistry. The Companions were able to also steal the memories of select people in order to blackmail them for any special secrets they possessed. (Episode: Deja Vu) A step further was the capacity to transfer their minds and consciousnesses to other bodies such as those of humans. (Episode: Through Your Eyes)Further genetic engineering allowed them to create what was termed as Bio-Surrogates which were identical appearing human constructs that were organically grown. These beings were part of a project designed to help the disabled by transfering the victims mind into a biosurrogate body allowing them to live the life of a normal human being. However, the Taelon lacked the means to accomplish the latter feat and thus turned to Jardian Replicant technology which allowed a users mind to be virtually downloaded into a biosurrogate. The project was later tampered and altered by Zo'or who wanted to use them as weapons similar to the Replicants with their programming changed to make them tools of war to fight the Jaridians. These altered organic human machines possessed full complement of Jaridian style weaponry along with threat identification systems programmed into their basic intelligence. (Episode: One Man's Castle) They also demonstrated the means of making Human beings younger through the Second Chance project by having the subjects transformed into energy where their body was scrubbed and reformed into a younger healthier body. (Episode: Second Chance)The Pad'Ar warriors were considered an improved Bio-surrogate and were to serve as supersoldiers to fight against the Jaridians. (Episode: Pad'Ar) In addition, they were capable of re-engineering a species to turn them into biological weapon's of war such was the case with the Skrill. (Episode: Emancipation) This even included the capacity to transform individual's into a partially energy state in order to better withstand the rigors of interdimensional as well as space travel. (Episode: Live Free Or Die)ImplantsThe Taelons are quite skilled in the use of biological implants which are placed within the body of a host Human. This includes a security implant that can be covertly placed on a person. (Episode: Street Chase) Another was a neural implant which allowed the visual's of the host to be transmitted to the Taelons making it a surveilance device. (Episode: The Summit) Another type was a restraint implant placed behind the ear and was used to keep violent as well as dangerous prisoners in a docile state. (Episode: A Little Bit of Heaven) As time progressed on Earth, the Companions introduced a new Phase 3 implant that attached to their necks and behin the ears of a Volunteer. Such implants were capable of being remotely triggered to send pain into a Volunteer and thus served as a means of ensuring loyalty amongst such personnel. (Episode: Abduction) They possessed creatures that looked like overgrown CVI's which were implanted and crawled within the brain of a captive. Part of an interrogation process, such captives did not feel the pain but wished they were since the reality of the situation was much worse. (Episode: The Second Wave)There was one form of neurological implant that was typically implanted amongst Volunteers. Though believed to be similar to a CVI, they were actually far different as it did not effect the higher reasoning powers of the host body thus they did not possess a motivational imperative or mentally control their host. Instead, they were designed to enhance the senses as well as the reflexes of their subject. Amongst humans, a problem with these implants was that their bodies were not designed to handle this hyperstimulation for long periods. Thus, the hosts of this form of implant had a lifespan of two years at most as their implant began to slowly damage their nervous system. They were easily removed and their hosts often stated that their experiences and perceptions often were different with images being duller and sounds being less sharp. (Episode: Volunteers)Nanomitters were another form of technology that was capable of being implanted within the body of a person and allowed for access to system's forbidden to normal personnel. This was also capable of producing a link to another Human which was so strong that the other believed the nanomitter equipped person with with them through a form of mind-link. (Episode: Hearts & Minds)One noted implant was the CVI. Two such cyber viral implant's that possessed an indentical frequency were capable of shorting out the other. If within a host, then this resulted in the death of the Human. Such implant's are produced through the infusion of Taelon energy into Human incubators who are in a zombie-like state. (Episode: Lost Generation) They also made use of Skrill's who served as a weapon implant for the Taelon Volunteer's and Drones. (Episode: Emancipation)Transportation  A M'thraan-class cruiser using a transportation beam.One of the greatest assets amongst the Taelons was the use of Interdimensional Drives. This technology worked by linking two separate points to one another and bending them so that travel was instanteneous between the locations. (Episode: Interview) Whilst this technology allowed them to travel great distances, the drives on the mothership ship could not engage within sixty seconds timeframe. (Episode: Scorched Earth) The Taelons had explored great expanses of interdimensional space which they used as travel locations through their Portals though there were certain locations that even the Companions had not charted. (Episode: Fissures) They were able to emply the technology within their satellites and use them to transport space stations that did not possess interdimensional capability through ID space to other locations. Their knowledge of interdimensional space allowed the Taelons to lock certain pathways and redirect them to locations of their choosing. (Episode: Summit) Notable components for Portal technology were interdimensional generators and a displacement modulator. (Episode: Keys to the Kingdom)Where Human physics recognized only twelve dimensions, Taelon physics had established the existence of sixteen dimensions. As such, they developed touchpoints for Humanity as one of these dimensions crumpled Human's sense of 3d space. (Episode: Horion Zero) This led to the development of one of the trademark aspects of Taelon technology which was the secret of interdimensional flight. They were the sole possessors of the interdimensional drive units allowing them to travel at great distances with ease and was an advantage they had over the Jaridians who were restricted to slower than light travel. (Episode: First of its Kind) A part of the science beyond interdimensional portals was the branching quadratic; this was the threshold where if energy was increased into an interdimensional field then chrono-cohesion broke down to the point where time was not the same in all sixteen dimensions. Such events created a latency that were closed in three dimensions but open in others. If such an instability was made, it was possible for individuals to absorb a shard of interdimensional space into their bodies. These unfortunate beings experienced constant pain as their bodies were warped and eventually they were sucked into the dimensional tear located inside their own bodies. Typically, such deaths occured straight away but the process was capable of being slowed by dampening fields though it was only a matter of time til the latency's instability sucked its occupant into the dimensional hole. (Episode: Heroes and Heartbreak)  An ID Portal.Through the technology, they were capable of travelling to distant galaxies with apparent ease. (Episode: Horizon Zero) Portable generators were even able to provide the necessary energy to establish an inter-galactic connection between Portals. (Episode: Summit) Taelon interdimensional technology emitted a unique form of radiation that was capable of being identiifed. (Episode: A Little Bit of Heaven) In addition, they had smaller portal terminals which served as a personal form of transportation between two different locations so long as there was a recieving portal on the other end. After offering humanity the portal system, it quickly became a popular means of global transportation. So much so that the high level of traffic forced the Taelons to chart new interdimensional routes that they had never explored some of which possessed their own forms of life. (Episode: Fissures) Whilst typically a safe method of travel, the use of certain devices were able to create a vortex within the portal and causing the agonizing death of any passengers present. This worked by creating a gravitational field that disrupted the protective energy that sheltered passengers through ID space and exposed them directly to it whereupon they were killed. (Episode: Subterfuge)  Inside ID space.Interdimensional travel required huge power generators such as those found in a portal or in a shuttle engine. Even then, it only created a shorter quicker pathway between two points that served as a form of wormhole through which a body can travel through. This differed it from true teleportation technology that allowed users to travel anywhere in an instant. It was known that the Taelons had been using the portal system for centuries and had not suffered from any incident with them. There had been an attempt at developing true teleportation technology in the past on the Taelon homeworld but the results were a failure. (Episode: Payback) Certain Taelon vessels were also able to generate an energy beam that teleported the target into the starship. (Episode: Emancipation) They had also created smaller counterparts of the larger Portals that were able to be launched by rockets and deploying automatically into the appropriate configuration in order to allow individuals access to the location. (Episode: The Once and Future World)A cold fusion energy core was capable of powering a transportational portal that can allow travel between two distant locations. (Episode: The Summit) This was quite capable of teleporting individual's or large troop regiment's from Earth to another galaxy. (Episode: Volunteers) They were capable of using their ID technology to perform a non-invasive form of surgery which was accurate enough to remove fetuses from pregnant women. (Episode: A Little Bit Of Heaven) This was also used to transport Human's into facilities where experiment's were conducted on travelers. (Episode: Through The Looking Glass)The primary starship employed by the Taelons was their mothership. In addition, they made use Taelon shuttles and had M'thraan-class cruisers at their disposal. (Episode: Summit)Known Taelons Ra'jel - Sire of the SynodQuo'on - Former leader of the SynodZo'or - Formerly UN Companion, later Synod leaderT'than - War MinisterJa'taan - First MinisterBa'hor - Second MinisterJo'rall - Minister of TruthLe'or - Synod memberDa'an - North American CompanionAr'all - Austrailian CompanionRa'am - Latin American CompanionMa'el - ScientistRho'ha - ScientistMit'gai - HealerNe'eg - HealerVa'ar - TechnicianSa'al - EngineerKu'don - AccountantSa'ronNotes According to one future from a time displaced astronaut called Trammel, the Taelons were defeated and they will "get what they deserve from the others." However, he died before he could elaborate who the others were. (Episode: Trapped by Time)Appearances Earth: Final Conflict:External Link Wikipedia EntryThis article is a stub. 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The GalaxiansEdit

Elder Race of the Maveric Universe.Edit

The Galaxians appear as tall humanoids of a slender build with have pale, blue skin or grey –some a kind of silvery white in complection, and are mostly hairless-though some Galaxians but hair upon their heads-mainly who female.Still their some species of Galaxians known as the Rhukhoshians,who are tall, broad and immensely strong, capable of lifting a Human male easily with one hand. Despite their size, they could move silently and
Galaxean first citizen 2008-02-13 Ef

Galaxian First Citizen

gracefully, making them an extremely dangerous physical opponent. They could duplicate voices effortlessly – their actual voice was very low-pitched and gravelly Their eye color ranges from golden to scarlet. They are in reality energy-based beings, composed of what they refer to as "core energy" or the Cosmic Sourse-a term meaning the cosmic or quantum forces of the multiverse,gathered by zero point energy matrix collectors.The Galaxians skin being an artificial façade that they can generate after sampling the nano technology of other similar species and is kind of a star suite or artificial. The Galaxian use the same technology for the construction of most of their spacecraft as they do for the construction of their buildings and other objects.Sectulation,is that the crystal structures used by the Atlantean and other Elder species,is based in part upon Galaxian technology The craft they use vary enormously in size. Galaxians often requite their own Temporal Guardians, complete with huge Robot assistants, to carry peace keeping operations.
Galaxian -0prime

The Galaxian Overmind or Allmind is not a group mind per se, Galaxians have individual personalities and minds,but a collective of mind sharing or mental group contect conscieousness.While Galaxians can, in some cases, detect lies or actions through the Overmind does not generally allow Galaxians to read each others' minds,unless those individuals or groups,wish to share such collective mental union..

Galaxian share a partial collective consciousness, known as The Galaxian Overmind or Allmind, which serves to create a telepathic link between all Galaxian . The Galaxian mindlink does not directly control individual Galaxians, nor does it mean that each may view the thoughts and actions of another immediately, though some Galaxians are able to use this link to determine another's actions on at least one occasion. Bellok Sharell -a noted Galaxian researcher ,once stated that Galaxians cannot act against the collective will of the Overmind, even if they feel that the majority is wrong. Individual Galaxian are nevertheless able to exercise a good deal of free will.The Galaxians use a similar type of Guider Gem,that is either diamond shaped ,circular or triangle shaped,like the Atlanteans.

Galaxian -02anmbriscob

Galaxians GovernmentEdit

Galaxians are ruled by the Sirhon Overlords, a group of thirteen Galaxians who make major decisions about their policy, but a body which also considers individual matters if they are important. Members of the Sirhon Overlords have responsibility for different areas of Galaxians life: the War Minister, for example, is Tiakhan. While the Sirhon Overlords generally rules by consensus, they elect a leader from among their number,to mediate important decisions of galactic proportions.

Galaxians TechnologyEdit

Galaxians Living organic biotechnology

Galaxians technology is organic, grown from a substance called "". Galaxians buildings can act as adjuncts to normal buildings, such is the case with Interspecies Relations HQ in season 1, or grown independently, such as the American Embassy in Washington that is seen between to planets.

Galaxian -02anmbriscobj

Galaxians technology is said to be "millions of years" more advanced than human technology. This may be an exaggeration. Although Galaxians have been travelling space for at least two million years .the Galaxians embark upon "co-ventures" with several human corporations, such as Doors International, to combine Galaxians and Human technology. If Galaxians technology were millions of years ahead of human technology, such efforts at reverse engineering would not be even remotely feasible. Nevertheless, Galaxians technology is well beyond human capabilities to replicate without extensive assistance.

Rather than have standard security systems, as living organisms, Galaxians technology has cyber-antibodies, which will attack and attempt to destroy threats. Galaxians embassies are also capable of deploying armoured shells and long range weapons in order to facilitate their defence against external threats. The organic theme of their technology is further carried through into their computer systems, which is said to use pseudo-neurons and be receptive to mental symbiosis to repair damage.

Interdimensional travelEdit

Galaxian -02anmbriscobjxddcn

Galaxians use interdimensional technology for travel. Interdimensional drives are used on Galaxians spacecraft to propel them at velocities ranging from several hundred miles per hour to many times the speed of light. Ground-based "portals" create interdimensional pathways between different points and can be used for near-instantaneous transport. The transport does actually take a certain amount of time, but people are placed in a form of protective stasis while travelling through interdimensional space. Portal travel requires both a sending and a receiving device in order to transport a person or cargo. Units range from small portable devices to huge bulk freight portals.

Skrills, living high energy weaponsEdit

Galaxians visited a planet that was home to a Galaxians visited a planet that was home to a species called the Seraphians-who had been exploring interstellar space,by way their Seraphian Light Star Ships. . The original Seraphians had long ago perfected a vast data starage and energy absorbing crystal.known as Seraphian Crystals-used for data storage,Startarin Crystals used absorb and generate cosmic forces on the quantum field level .They had found a way to grow these crystals,into various shapes-first small,cirlyndrical tubes,about two or three feet long,but later various sizes depending on the need.The Seraphian Crystals could be conbined with other material,to build bigger objects,such computers,control consoles,buildings and eventually whole star craft.

Galaxean CivilizationEdit

The Galaxians Civilization is a phenomenon which occurs once in every thousnd other worlds.The Galaxeans are a strange breed of humanoid,who prefer to not get involved in interstellar Temporal matter directly,but consider using selected species from the local populas to act as agents.

Galaxean Overmind/AllmindEdit

The Overmind or Allmind is a psychic link between all Galaxians, a race of humanoid aliens.



Galaxians Orbs are a set of artifacts which featured prominently According to Galaxians religious tradition, they were sent to the Galaxians people from the Galaxians Prophets to help guide the lower species acheive a more advanced state,than they have previously known.Although Galaxians are reclusive,living mainly among Galaxian Colonies and settlements or aboard star travelling mothercraft,and fear strangers,their resistance to their xenophobic nature can be overcome with time and acceptance to new potential superior species,on the verge of levels close other super beings such as the Atlanteans or Seraphians.In time,the Galaxians may send those potential species,an observation period by way introducing to them the Galaxian Orbs.These Orbs also become teaching devices,similar to the Sidairian Monoliths,sent to various outer regions of deep space,for potential first contact with the Elder Species of the Multiverse..


The orbs are somewhat mysterious in that they defy scientific analysis. They are sphere-shaped and emanate light and a visible field of energy. Each Galaxians Orb has a unique power or property; some will create visions, others (such as the Orb of Time), can actually transport a person to another time. After an Galaxians Orb encounter, individuals may experience later visions known as orb shadows. Although medical science explains these residual hallucinations as the result of excess neuropeptides in the brain, Galaxians believe that Orb shadows only result when individuals ignore what their Orb experience had told them.


Other weaponryEdit

Other Galaxians weaponry generally consists of various types of energy pulses, beams, or missiles.

Galaxians Brain implants.Edit

Galaxiean Symbiont Sphere 
File:Galaxiean Symbiont Sphere.jpg

 Cyber Viral Implant(Redirected from CVI)  A CVI in the brain of murderer James Pike.A CVI, also known as a Cyber Viral Implant, is a device seen in .Contents [hide] 1 History2 Overview3 Receipients4 Appearances5 External LinkHistory The CVI was a genetically engineered device of Taelon design. During their first encounter with Humans, the Taelons began placing their cyberviral implants among a select number of their kind to serve as "implants" to the Companions. After being introduced there was a number of malfunctions amongst the CVI's when implantation and adaptation were conducted. However, the malfunctions were corrected with no such errors occuring during the initial years. Among the first generation of implants, it was decided by the Synod that these human agents would be given enhanced knowledge of the Taelon's reasons for coming to Earth namely that it was something that determined the survival of their species. It was believed that this knowledge would better serve the motivational imperative to ensure the implants served the Companions. Among the first of the implants to recieve this knowledge was Ronald Sandoval and it was determined that if these agents ever went rogue than the Synod would terminate them rather than allow them to reveal the Taelon's secrets to their enemies. It was later on decided by the Synod to remove the enhanced information from subsequent implants as it was believed that such knowledge was unnecessary in order for them to accomplish their goal. Sandoval's Run) During his time with his wife, Sandoval began to see her as being more infantile as well as saw her as a threat to his duty to the Companions which saw him locking her up in a mental institute. (Episode: Truth) At some point, a Companion Protector called Lieutenant Jack Malley created a ritual for all Protectors whenever their loyalty was in question. During such times, the assembled Protectors would gather on a deck onboard the Taelon Mothership where they would drink Taelon tequila to reaffirm their loyalty to the Taelons. As their implants prevented them from getting drunk, it was seen as an acceptable tradition and did not compromise their functionality. After witnessing insane murderers on Earth, the Taelons decided to create an experiment in order to rehabilitate these offenders. Among these individuals was James Pike who was given a first generation CVI in order to remove his aggressive past by the implantation of a motivational imperative to love mankind. (Episode: Avatar)

When William Boone was selected to be an agent to Da'an, he met with the Liberation movement where he was given a re-engineered CVI without the motivational imperative to the Taelons. This allowed him to have his free will and continue to work with the Liberation whilst appearing as an implant. (Episode: Decision) He was later taught much about the enhanced abilities of the implant by Ronald Sandoval. (Episode: Truth) It was later revealed that the Companions had engineered some of the CVI's memories in order for Boone to believe that a Taelon agent was one of his college lovers even though she was not present in any of his photo albums. The secret purpose of the experiment was to determine if Boone's CVI was functional and that his loyalty was to the Companions. (Episode: Old Flame)James Pike's CVI later malfunctioned leading to him slowly dying as a result. After escaping from the mental institute and prison where he was assigned, he adopted a campaign of targeting as well as attempting to kill Da'an but ultimately failed. (Episode: Avatar)

Later, Ronald Sandoval's CVI began to degenerate which returned to him his original personality and whereupon he sought to free as well as reunite with his wife. However, the implant was slowly killing him and the Taelons believed him a threat leading to the Synod to ordering his termination. It was ultimately William Boone who later captured him and had a new CVI implanted within Sandoval. (Episode: Sandoval's Run)

When Siobhan Beckett mated with the Kimera Ha'gel, she was taken by the Liberation where she gave birth to Liam Kincaid. In order to prevent their base from being compromised, the resistance re-engineered her CVI to forget the incident and thus she never remembered of the child she gave birth to with her implant programmed to kill her if she ever remembered.(Episode: The First of its Kind) Her implant later degenerated and killed her but not before making peace with herself. (Episode: Redemption) At some unknown point, a Doctor Alkot designed a special CVI implant for Ronald Sandoval which was designed for counter intelligence. Later, the production and manufacturing of CVI was given to an Earth based company called Alkot Incorporated. Following the planet wide crackdown on the Liberation, Ronald Sandoval had his agents secretly capture Lili Marquette where they performed an operation that led to the placement of a special CVI that sent surveillance data to them. This meant that Captain Marquette now served as the eyes and ears for Agent Sandoval. In addition to her, the Companions also intended to place newly manufactured surveillance CVIs into detained Liberation members in order to use them as spies to finally destroy the resistance. (Episode: The Vanished) By these later years, the CVI implants within Protectors were noted to had been dying and being absorbed by the hosts immune systems. (Episode: Take No Prisoners) This had a side effect of making Companion Protector drinking traditions almost obselete and forcing such users to rely on their own integrity. (Episode: Phantom Companion)When Lieutenant Jack Malley was attempting to remove a bomb in the shuttle bay from General T'than's craft, the explosive detonated and severely wounded Malley in the process. However, this had the side effect of altering his CVI's frequency and he became receptive to the thoughts of the Taelon mothership. This in turn led to the ship believing Protector Jack Malley as one of her own and thus led to her sheltering Malley within her own body and keeping him hidden where he became her defender. Once the mothership believed he was her Taelon charge, Malley fully bonded with the vessel and could read her to the point that he could tap into the various ship systems. Following that moment, he waged a campaign of ridding the Taelon Synod of corrupt elements starting with Zo'or and leading to a campaign of sabotage of mothership operations. This ended when Malley accidently killed a Taelon embryo leading to the mothership killing Malley in rage. (Episode: Phantom Companion) By this point, it was considered by the Taelons that the CVI's had lived past their usefulness as they had begun to be absorbed by their hosts immune systems. Despite this being the case, the Taelons felt that the implants had served their purpose by smoothing the unification of the Companions with Humanity. (Episode: Lost Generation)Something not known to many at the time, Ronald Sandoval under the direction of Zo'or was involved in a covert breeding of organic based CVI implants called CNIs that were formed within the womb of their mothers. Supposeld, the program was abandoned when it was believed that it was incompatible with the Taelons mission on Earth though Zo'or continued the project in secret. Through New Life fertility clinics, Bob Brody's wife became pregnant and was unaware of her child being the subject of such an experiment. The child's CVI frequency was exactly a match as his fathers leading to Brody's death and attracted attention to the matter. Agent Sandoval intended to clean up the incident and allow the child to be born so that it could serve as a prototype for further organic CVI's though Zo'or believed the death had attracted too much attention and thus ordered the termination of the child. (Episode: Lost Generation) After the disappearance of Da'an, Sandoval placed a surveillance CVI in Liam Kincaid in order to monitor his movements. This was later removed with the help of [[J Street]. (Episode: Summit) Eventually, it was supposedly decided to remove all cyber-viral implants from personnel beginning with Ronald Sandoval with the devices being said to be frozen for further dissection so that the Taelons could figure out why they were being rejected. Despite this being the case, Sandoval was in fact misinformed and the implant remained within him as it was bonded with his brain. (Episode: Trapped by Time)Whilst the majority of CVIs had been absorbed by their host immune system, the last group of humans that were given such implants had theirs still functional during the final days of the Taelons. A Jaridian probe remotely re-calibrated a number of Companion Protector CVIs and altered their motivational imperative to attack Taelons. This led to at least 6 Taelon deaths around the Earth. (Episode: Dark Horizon) In an attempt to save their species, the Taelons embarked on a joining with five other Jaridians which in turn led to the resurrection of the original Atavus race. These precursors to the Taelons were led by Howlyn who desired a way to subjugate humanity. Thus, he probed the mind of Ronald Sandoval in order to learn more about the CVI's and previous attempts at conquering mankind. After hearing of Jack Malley's bonding with the mothership, Howlyn had Malley's CVI implanted in his brain and the ship recognised him as the Taelon Synod member Le'or which gave him full authority to make use of the starship. (Episode: Art of War)Overview   A holographic scan of a CVI implanted Human.The cyberviral implant was a piece of Companion technology that was described as being "half computer chip, half Taelon germ." (Episode: Decision) Its usage provided its host with an artificial mindset in order to complete their objectives. The relay frequency of these implants was encrypted in the Taelon language. (Episode: Phantom Companion) Those that were given these devices and served the Taelons were typically known as "implants" who served as the extension of the will of their Companion. (Episode: Resurrection) A surgical procedure involved the device being implanted within the brain of a human body where it neurologicall re-arranged the nervous system. (Episode: Sandoval's Run) Once in place, it enhanced basic intelligence as well as the memory recall abilities of a Human to the point that they did not see their memories but were put "inside their memories". (Episode: Decision) This allowed them to relive those memories and witness events that they may had only glanced at previoiusly. (Episode: Truth) Each CVI was unique, with them adapting to the users inherent brain chemistry. Whilst it was seen as not being possible, two CVIs with the same frequency led to one of the implants shorting out and killing its host in the process. Supposedly, even cloning the CVI would not create an identical implant as it would conform its host neural matrix. (Episode: Lost Generation) As CVIs were deeply integrated with a hosts neural pathway and removal led to feelings of vertigo, separation anxiety and slight paralysis. (Episode: Trapped by Time)The first generation of implants were given enhanced knowledge of the Taelon's mission on Earth as well as its urgency in order to better motivate their actions though the Synod later decided to remove this information in subsequent generations. (Episode: Sandoval's Run) The enhanced memory recall ability provided a number of benefits which included allowing the user to experience events in complete detail as well as was wired in such a way to allow for the accurate control of a Skrill implant. (Episode: The Scorpion's Dream) It allowed its users to experience old memories with utmost clarity. (Episode: Old Flame) In addition, it allowed its user to multitask and use various computer screens with the data content occuring at high speed thus allowing its host to read information at a fast pace. (Episode: Truth) Furthermore, it was capable of allowing its host to compare visual content with those of their memories such as fingerprints. (Episode: The Secret of Strand Hill) The sudden surfacing of memories were known as "memory intrusions" which initially came unexpectantly. Despite these events, the cerebral cortex of the host eventually adapted and considered it as another way of thinking. (Episode: Truth) Whilst it was possible to observe remotely anything a host was seeing, if the user was unconscious then the CVI was temporarily off-line until they regained consciousness. (Episode: Summit) Furthermore, the implantation of a CVI into a host body allowed external parties to observe the hosts most recent thoughts. (Episode: Dark Matter)  Implantation process of a CVI.Among certain cases, such as that with James Pike, a host was capable of bonding to its CVI to a completely different level providing abilities above that of a normal implant. These further enhancements included the capacity to withstand as well as tolerate tremendous amount of pain. In addition, such individuals had the capacity to alter their vital signs; turning them on or off with the latter option making them effectively appear as being deceased. (Episode: Avatar) Amongst normal implants, the CVI prevented alcoholic intoxication allowing its host to drink as much alcohol without suffering any harmful effects. (Episode: The Secret of Strand Hill). A further ability was the capacity to congenital diseases such as deafness. They also negated the implants desire to learn the Taelon language for a reason the Taelon Synod could not explain. (Episode: The Scarecrow Returns) However, it did not remove the Implants sexual desires and in fact increased the host bodies capabilities. (Episode: Old Flame)A lesser known fact was that the CVI's could be implanted with a programmed imperative. Typically, the Taelons had their implants given a motivational imperative to ensure absolute loyalty to the Companions. (Episode: Decision) This made their Human agents place the needs of the Companions above their own and remove anything from their lives that would threaten that goal. (Episode: Truth) Even when facing death, all the implant was concerned with was maximising their time to their Companion. (Episode: Avatar) If the implant did not manage to achieve their imperative, they tended to face sadness, pain as well as bleeding in the ears. (Episode: Pandora's Box) However, it was possible for an implant to kill a Companion if it was ordered to do so by the Synod and it was felt that the Taelon in question was no longer a member of their race. (Episode: Atavus) It was possible to re-engineer the implant and alter its motivational imperative. (Episode: Decision) Or even place a new imperative such as altering a murderers mind to love mankind. (Episode: Avatar) It was also possible to change the programming of the implant to remove a person's memory. (Episode: The First of its Kind) It was even possible create a directive that killed its host if it ever remembered something that wished to be hidden. (Episode: Atavus) According to Da'an, each implant was capable of interpreting the motivational imperative differently when determining what was best for the Companions. This meant that Human determinations were not placed outside the equation. (Episode: Resurrection)The nature of the CVI allowed it to be programmed with false memories that were capable of overriding the true recollections of the Implant. This allowed the Taelons to test the abilities of all those that served them though only William Boone was the first to discover this hidden aspect of the implants. The devices also possessed a built-in obcolescence of about two years which was because the mind was working at such incedible speeds that it eventually "crashes". (Episode: Avatar) The initial symptoms of those suffering from a CVI breakdown included bleeding ears along with erratic and violent behavior. Later symptoms involved headaches and seizures. The end result was death as the host body could no longer survive without the implant as it had adapted to its presence. (Episode: Sandoval's Run)Dr. Julianne Belman developed an anti-cyber implant virus which sought out the CVI without killing or harming the host in order to help facilitate a replacement of the implant. The reason for the obsolescene was unclear and it was not known whether the Taelons were even aware of this fault. Dr Belman's studies also did not provide a clear reason for why the implants would break down eventually. The earliest generation of CVI's contained information on the Taelons and their mission on Earth. (Episode: Sandoval's Run) There were different variations of the CVI one which only provided surveillance data which was transmitted to computers thus turning making their hosts into a spy where all their visual and auditory perceptions was sent to the individuals who had implanted the CVI into the person. In addition, another special form of CVI were designed specifically for counter intelligence operations. These new CVI's were created to be far more adaptable compared to their predecessors and were able to be used in environments hostile to human life such as those outside the Earth solar system. (Episode: The Vanished) One of the most recent generations of CVI's was the XR-2010. (Episode: Lost Generation) Companion Protector CVIs were more complex than the variety given to normal Volunteers. (Episode: Dark Horizon)In addition to these implants, the Taelons were involved in a covert bio-engineering program to create organic based CVI's called Cerebral Neural Implants (CNI) in order to replace the degrading CVI technology. These implants were created by bio-engineering Human offspring whilst they were in the wombs of their mothers. This was intended to be an inherent genetic trait amongst the subjects with parents passing on CNI's to their children who simply grew the implants within their bodies whilst they were born. Unlike CVI's, a problem emerged amongst CNI's was that they parent-offspring implants tended to be of the same frequency leading to a feedback that killed one of the subjects. (Episode: Lost Generation)Da'an once told Boone "You must master the talents of your implant, let it guide you to a more profound phase of awareness."Receipients

The Galaxiean Symbiont Sphere was a sentient vermiform lifeform from the planet Galaxiean . It was transferred from one humanoid Galaxiean host to another upon the death of the host. The ship could also be used as a host to a Galaxiean Symbiont Sphere,for a time however the Galaxiean Symbiont Sphere could not remain outside the Galaxean bodies for long without physically harming the sphere’s data core,useful to the host. (Template:GALAXEAN)

A Galaxiean Symbiont Sphere could survive in a partly Galaxiean  host normally. The Galaxiean Symbiont Sphere took with it all memories of the previous Galaxiean  hosts,storing them for future use.  Upon joining, the new Galaxiean  host gained these memories.  The Galaxiean Symbiont Spheres originally lived in the Caves of Makra on Galaxiean  and were cared for by the Guardians. Later on, Caves of Makra was duplicated upon many Galaxean Data Banks ships. They communicated with each other via electrical impulses transmitted through the Galaxean Sphere tree they nested within . The Symbiosis Commission oversaw the joining of Galaxiean hosts and Galaxiean Symbiont Spheres. The general belief in the 24th century was that one in every 1,000 Galaxiean s was suitable for joining; however, the number was nearer to 50% of the population.  This was a closely guarded secret because every year about 5,000 Galaxiean s became initiates while only about 500 Galaxiean Symbiont Spheres became available.  

Galaxiean Symbiont SpheresEdit

  • [[Sarr 

Rites and ceremoniesEdit

Galaxians SpacecraftEdit

Galaxians use the same bioslurry for the construction of most of their spacecraft as they do for the construction of their buildings. The craft they use vary enormously in size.

Galaxians SpacecraftEdit

Galaxians use the same bioslurry for the construction of most of their spacecraft as they do for the construction of their buildings. The craft they use vary enormously in size.

Galaxians shuttles are small craft used for transportation across space. The true range of the shuttle is unknown, but one such vehicle makes a journey to near by worlds at least as far as Alpha Centauri (about 4.5 light years), and another, flown by the Galaxians Belok Tukharr, may have made a much longer journey, possibly even from another galaxy. The shuttles are extremely fast by the standards of Earth aircraft, and, from the second season, are armed with a form of energy cannon. The craft, though quite sturdy, are not indestructible, and can be destroyed in crashes or by enemy fire (in one instance, the resistance are able to use a large shoulder-mounted weapon to destroy a shuttle).

The Galaxians cruiser is a much larger vessel. Designated as Mohrarah Khorell class, these ships are used for heavy combat, though are not sufficiently powerful to engage the largest Enemy warships. They are used in support of the Volunteer service, a Galaxians program for humans who otherwise have nowhere to go, such as homeless people or high-school dropouts who don't live with their parents. These craft are much larger than shuttles: though their exact size is indeterminate, they appear to be between 50 and 200 metres long, usually appearing closer to the lower end of that range. It is possible that there are several, very similar designs with different sizes, though this would make them subject to the scaling paradox (items cannot simply be scaled up or down, as the ratios of strength and their properties will be altered)

A single Galaxians scoutship, originally belonging to the Galaxians researcher Marel Khorell, Its total dimensions are not revealed with certainty, but it appears to be of a similar scale to the Mohrarah Khorell class Galaxians cruiser. The ship is supposedly long-range, but equipped with minimal armaments. Marell Khorell's ship is equipped with several stasis units though it is unlikely that these are standard aboard other craft of this design, especially as the stasis units appeared to be for human use: Galaxians stasis beds appear in season 4 and look quite different.

While most Galaxians spacecraft, such as their shuttles and cruisers, are created from the same material as their embassies, there is a notable exception in the Galaxians Mothership. While this vessel had an appearance more consistent with other Galaxians craft in season 1, in season 2 it is redesigned to be composed of translucent energy currents - more closely resembling the Galaxians ' energy form itself, and remains in this form until the end of the series. These translucent energy currents are termed "Virtual Glass". the mothership is revealed to be shrinking, as the Galaxians shut off sections and reclaim their energy for their conservation efforts. The mothership is nevertheless a gargantuan vessel, big enough to be seen from orbit. , that the ship still maintains at least 153 decks, suggesting an overall size of several kilometres. The mothership is a unique vessel, and is the only ship in the Galaxians arsenal powerful enough to fight a Sokhanda-class Rhukhonean cruiser. The Galaxians are able to upgrade its weaponry in so the final armaments and capabilities of the mothership are unknown. The mothership is equipped with dozens, if not hundreds of shuttles within a vast landing bay. The ship may also house the cruisers seen in the series, though this is not certain: while the mothership's hangar should be sufficient to house several such craft (especially given the indeterminate sizes of both the cruisers and the mothership itself), and anecdotal evidence suggests that the cruisers may be either aboard or externally docked, there is no incontrovertible evidence for it. The mothership also acts as a lifeboat for the Galaxians people. Within it are a stasis deck, where the remaining Galaxians can be preserved when their personal energy supplies dwindle to near-death. There is also a chamber filled with Galaxians embryos in stasis, awaiting a renewed supply of core energy. The fate of these embryos is not known.

Galaxian Appearance.Edit

The Galaxians appear as tall humanoids of a slender build with have pale, blue skin , grey or even bluesh white skin.some a kind of silvery white in complection, and are mostly hairless-though some Galaxians but hair upon their heads-mainly who female. Their eye color ranges from golden to scarlet. They are in reality energy-based beings, composed of what they refer to as "core energy": their skin being an artificial facade that they can generate after sampling the nano technology of other similar species.The Galaxians seem to require two individuals to mate for reproduction,known as Coupling.Galaxians are highly technologically advanced, and live in a rigid hierarchical society, in which one's caste is determined by the size of a red circle on one's forehead. They are master geneticists who can manipulate the various energy sourse and nano tech based technology to enhance members of their own caste system,as well other super races,they are allied to and those lesser younger or new civilizations,to whom the Alliance of Elder Civilizations,deem worthy of survailance,protection and assistance,by way of various temporal agents,scattered throughout the multiverse.

The Galaxian History.Edit

Following a devastating nuclear war the surface of their planet The Galaxian was originally rendered uninhabitable driving the survivors underground to survive and build a vast network of underground super cities,until the surface world could be terraformed back into aq suityable environment again . During their exile under the surface they developed advanced mental powers,telekenesis,telepathy and so on,by way nanotechnology, including the ability to create realistic illusions.The Galaxians are equipped with strong psionics powers and observers have affirmed that they exploit the telecinesis also for various passive tactical defensive weapons they have the ability of create very realistic illusions against an enemy.

Of xenophobic nature, the Galaxians has disseminated the space around their planet of buoys of warning and only after long strive the other Elder Super Races success to engage limited cultural exchanges.

This eventually led to the Galaxians,to various fractions of the original Galaxian homeworld,to splinter and become separate colonies apart from the main.

A major threat in the cosmos, the Korlorean,who an exiled are Galaxian government ,split into separate groups due to different views of life to use their infinite knowledge of the universe to force lesser beings to worship them.the Korlorean have worshippers across the entire home galaxy of the Ancient Lords of Light, and using their knowledge to spread, they are nearly unstoppable.Other factions or spin off distant alien races may be the Marveillans-a cross breed between Galaxians and Rhandarians,

The Galaxian use the same technology for the construction of most of their spacecraft as they do for the construction of their buildings and other objects.Sectulation,is that the crystal structures used by the Atlantean and other Elder species,is based in part upon Galaxian technology The craft they use vary enormously in size. Galaxians often requite their own Temporal Guardians, complete with huge Robot assistants, to carry peace keeping Galaxian share a partial collective consciousness, known as The Overmind, which serves to create a telepathic link between all Galaxian . The Galaxian Commonality does not directly control individual Galaxians, nor does it mean that each may view the thoughts and actions of another immediately, though Darooan Uratue is able to use his link to determine Zoroor Urhadd’s actions on at least several occasion.

Bel'lie states that Galaxians cannot act against the collective will of the Galaxian Overmind, even if they feel that the majority is wrong. Individual Galaxian are nevertheless able to exercise a good deal of free will.The Galaxians use a similar type of Guider Gem,that is either diamond shaped or triangle shaped,like the Atlanteans.

Galaxians GovernmentEdit

Galaxians TechnologyEdit

Galaxians Living organic biotechnologyEdit

Galaxians technology is organic, grown from a substance called "". Galaxians buildings can act as adjuncts to normal buildings, such is the case with Interspecies Relations HQ in season 1, or grown independently, such as the American Embassy in Washington that is seen between seasons 1 and 4.

Galaxians technology is said to be "millions of years" more advanced than human technology. This may be an exaggeration. Although Galaxians have been travelling space for at least two million years .the Galaxians embark upon "co-ventures" with several human corporations, such as Doors International, to combine Galaxians and Human technology. If Galaxians technology were millions of years ahead of human technology, such efforts at reverse engineering would not be even remotely feasible. Nevertheless, Galaxians technology is well beyond human capabilities to replicate without extensive assistance.

Rather than have standard security systems, as living organisms, Galaxians technology has cyber-antibodies, which will attack and attempt to destroy threats. Galaxians embassies are also capable of deploying armoured shells and long range weapons in order to facilitate their defence against external threats. The organic theme of their technology is further carried through into their computer systems, which is said to use pseudo-neurons and be receptive to mental symbiosis to repair damage.

Interdimensional travel

Galaxians use interdimensional technology for travel. Interdimensional drives are used on Galaxians spacecraft to propel them at velocities ranging from several hundred miles per hour to many times the speed of light. Ground-based "portals" create interdimensional pathways between different points and can be used for near-instantaneous transport. The transport does actually take a certain amount of time, but people are placed in a form of protective stasis while travelling through interdimensional space. Portal travel requires both a sending and a receiving device in order to transport a person or cargo. Units range from small portable devices to huge bulk freight portals.

high energy weapons

Galaxian Force ShieldsEdit

Galaxians have the power to, in and emergency, encase itself in a bell-shaped, clear, almost invisible force-shield-like shell that is impervious to anything on Earth. A force field, sometimes known as an energy shield, force shield, or deflector shield is a barrier, typically made of energy or charged particles, that protects a person, area or object from attacks or intrusions.

Force Shield was a relatively simple defensive Force maneuver that create any sort of shape from bubbles or multi sided defensive walls around the users body or group or dwelling. With this power, the user could create a nearly impenetrable semitransparent sphere around their body or local area that could deflect or absorb attacks from blasters or plasma swords, and could block physical blows or used to block another force shield,generated about an opponents fists by the user creating his or her own deflector shield about the hand area.

. In most cases, it could also prevent harmful Force powers from reaching its user. Usually, its use was regulated to only the latter action, but those skilled in its use or those whose ability in the Force was regulated mostly to it used the bubble of protection for a wide range of activities, due to its versatility.

Force shields were always sphere-shaped, and could be nearly transparent to completely opaque, depending on the user's preference. The shield usually was of some color, though the color varied with the user's alignment or mood. The usual colors were green and blue. Shields ranged in size, but were usually meant to only cover the user and thus were fairly uniform in common use. When hit with energy, the part of the shield that was hit would turn white for a second before flickering back to its original color. This white flare always appeared, whether the user wished the shield transparent or not.

Shields were fairly easy to use and usually did not require much concentration. Their size ranged anywhere from infinitesimal to gargantuan, though the latter took much more focus. Shields could be moved, fluctuated, or even regulated to let only certain things in and other things out. Despite this, the Force shield was not commonly used among the Galaxian High Command-the local military police force, as it was nearly replaced with the form-fitting Force Protection in most circles, and all other uses for it could be done with other Force powers.

With regular shieldmakers, the shields could block foreign Force powers from entering to harm what it was protecting, but, if the shieldmaker were adept enough, would allow certain Force powers in. It would do this by transferring the Force power to the shield itself, instead of the host. Put simply, Force Lightning would only hit the shield, Force Choke would only 'choke' the shield, and Force Heal would 'heal' the shield, causing no harm or change.

A shield could be shattered or caused to flicker out if an enemy had the power to do so, usually just by using a quick burst of Force Crush on the shield, causing it to implode. It completely dissipated after shattering, though the action would usually, though not always, cause pain to the user.

The shield itself was so versatile that even its power source could vary. It could come from the user's own power in the Force, absorb energy from whatever hit it to empower it, and even be powered by the user's own life force. However, the latter was incredibly risky, as it seriously endangered the life of the user should the shield be forcefully shattered. Even if the shield were only harmed it would cause pain to the shieldmaker, a pain that varied with the attack used.

Galaxians visited a planet that was home to a species called the Seraphians-who had been exploring interstellar space,by way their Seraphian Light Star Ships. . The original Seraphians had long ago perfected a vast data starage and energy absorbing crystal.known as Seraphian Crystals-used for data storage,Startarin Crystals used absorb and generate cosmic forces on the quantum field level .They had found a way to grow these crystals,into various shapes-first small,cirlyndrical tubes,about two or three feet long,but later various sizes depending on the need.The Seraphian Crystals could be conbined with other material,to build bigger objects,such computers,control consoles,buildings and eventually whole star craft.

The Galaxians Civilization is a phenomenon which occurs in the . The Commonality is a psychic link between all Galaxians, a race of humanoid aliens.

The Galaxians (or Companions, as they are called in early seasons) are bound together by a psychic link with all other Galaxians at all times. This link is known as the Commonality. Relatively little is revealed about the Telepathic Link, this is partly due to the subtle nuances of Galaxians phrasing (rarely lying, but often only giving part of the truth), the difficulty in trying to explain such a concept in understandable language, the need to keep the deeply spiritual Galaxians mysterious and alien.

The Commonality is not a group mind per se, Galaxians have individual personalities and minds, and the Commonality is referred to as "collective sentience". While Galaxians can, in some cases, detect lies or actions through the Commonality the Commonality does not generally allow Galaxians to read each others' minds.

Humans with significant psychic abilities have been able to touch the Commonality. Since the Galaxians consider the Commonality sacred and pure, they have not responded well to what they perces ive as a potential invasion.


Galaxians Orbs are a set of artifacts which featured prominently According to Galaxians religious tradition, they were sent to the Galaxians people from the Prophets to help guide them, hence their name.

The orbs are somewhat mysterious in that they defy scientific analysis. They are sphere-shaped and emanate light and a visible field of energy. Each Galaxians Orb has a unique power or property; some will create visions, others (such as the Orb of Time), can actually transport a person to another time. After an Galaxians Orb encounter, individuals may experience later visions known as orb shadows. Although medical science explains these residual hallucinations as the result of excess neuropeptides in the brain, Galaxians believe that Orb shadows only result when individuals ignore what their Orb experience had told them.


Other weaponry

Other Galaxians weaponry generally consists of various types of energy pulses, beams, or missiles.

Galaxians Brain implantsEdit

Companion Protectors, and at least some of the Volunteer Service are implanted with a Hypermentation Nueral Implant (or HNI ). There are several different varieties of Hypermentations, but they are all a cross between a Galaxian neural implant and a data chip. The Hypermentations given to Companion Protectors improve reading and interpretation speed, provide total recall of memories, and improve basic abilities, as well as allowing the use of a skrill. They also provide a "motivational imperative". This more sinister capacity is used to re-align the priorities of the implanted person so that they consider the interests of the Galaxians to be paramount under all circumstances. This has led to Companion Protectors behaving in a way contrary to their pre-implanted nature. For example, before his degeneration into a scheming self-interest,

The Hypermentation Implant irrevocably alters the brain structure of an implanted person, meaning that they cannot survive without one. This creates a problem when it is found that the earliest generation of Hypermentation Implant were fatally breaking down. The human immune system eventually rejected the Hypermentation Implant, destroying the motivational imperative. As, in later Hypermentation Implantcan be removed, it appears that the brain can heal itself when the Hypermentation Implantgradually disabled, rather than removed whole.

Surveillance Hypermentation Implantdo not provide any known benefits to the person implanted, but instead transmit whatever the implant sees back to an observer. Most of the Volunteers have Hypermentation Implant, but of a simpler design, with varying motivational imperatives and attributes. "Drones" have all their motivations redirected, but may not have benefits to the implant.Hypermentation Implant,works to transform the users brain into a kind of super computer,able to remember facts quicker,recall past events,link to other telepathic devices such a Guider Gem and so on.The Galaxians shared this device with the Seraphians,the Sidairians and Atlanteans,among other Elder Races of the Multiverse-some by way of intergallactic temporal black markets created by such merchant alien races like the Zhatikhon,the Vhendikhar,the Zenn Lann Authority

Sourses of inspiration-Star Trek's Tellosians and the Organians,Earth Final Conflict's Taelons,Doctor Who's Claws of Axos,Beyond the Farthest Star-Alien Podship found by the USS Enterprise,Galaxy Beings and Bellero Shield Outer Limits,

Elder Race of the Maveric Universe.

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