The Titan Mechine

The Sleeper Accumilator series of the ultimate Doomsday Weapon or Doomsday Mechine, was the most powerful of four robots designed by the Tauron Empireas agents of destruction.Built in three distinct parts,to prevent anyone from using the weapon before it is ready and could be used against it’s creators.The first section was the Accumulator Mark 1 series-a huge delta wing,with a huge robot hear at the top.The Second was In The Titan Sleeper Saga Accumulator Mark 2,a huge semi box like robot with huge,lobster claw like arms,with a series of guns extending from it.Small,stubby legs and the third Accumulator Mark 3,was a huge tread like section,with a series of connons.The three sections,would meet at a central redizous point,combine in inside a huge,ciryndrical tower to become the Accumilator ,otherwise known as Kronus Rho-Titan War Mechine,created by the Tauron Empire,as a last ditch effort against the Seven Empires of Atlantis. was equipped with the thickest armour available was also equipped with a special energy shield mounted in its head. This shield absorbed and deflected charged particle attacks, making it effectively immune to the enemy main cannon. In addition to its fearsome battlefield capabilities, the Accumulator series was outfitted with a field command centre and extensive communications and sensory capabilities. It moves across the landscape,sending sensor probes from it’s main chest frame to analyzed for possible tactical evailuation and attack.The Titan Mechine then moves across the landscape,ripping apart the environment and converting it into raw material and or energy for itself to use to sustain itself or repair itself,if damaged.It can also use this accumilation effect to absorb other cultures tactical data to learn and adapt. The Titan Mechine can consume the material of planet, using it in their internal factories to produce new war machines for the Tauron Empire. The Tauron Emperor, fearing that these weapons could be turned against him, included an override code in their programming. were designed from ground based walking construction droids, which use a molecular furnace to 'consume' and remake debris and other items into useful/new constructions.

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